Entry requirements

Intercampus exchange

To be eligible to participate in an intercampus exchange program you must have:

  • completed at least 48 credit points of your course at Monash (except for Law)
  • Engineering students must have completed 48 credit points, please note that this applies to intercampus exchanges to and from Monash Malaysia only and exchanges to all other destinations require 72 credit points
  • Double degree Engineering students should consult with a Faculty Exchange Adviser
  • Double degree Law students must complete 72 credit points in total of which 48 credit points must be Law units
  • only one active semester-length overseas study application (i.e. exchange, intercampus exchange, or campus transfer) with Monash for the same study period.
  • an active enrolment in a Monash undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at any Monash campus
  • a minimum credit average (60 per cent) in your results so far in your current course (Art, Design and Architecture which requires a 70 per cent average)
  • your overseas study plan approved by your faculty (or faculties if a double degree) so that you receive credit towards your degree
  • selected units that will ensure you are doing a full time load of on-campus units (18 or 24 credit points)
  • been assessed by Monash Abroad staff (or representative in Malaysia) and your faculty staff as a suitable representative of your home campus. 

Other factors to consider

  • The Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences has a quota on the number of students from Sunway who can go to Australia on intercampus exchange each semester. Sunway engineering students have to lodge an Expression of Interest form at the School of Engineering at Sunway and be selected before completing this Monash Abroad application form.
  • Some faculties may not permit you to undertake overseas study in the final semester of your course. Check with your faculty before completing this application.
  • Due to immigration limitations in Malaysia, you are unable to extend your intercampus exchange from one semester to two. If you are considering a two-semester exchange, please indicate this at time of application. You can then subsequently withdraw and return to Australia after one semester if you wish.