Monsh Abroad: First Steps Video Series

Scene 1 (0.00 – 0.20)

Fay: So Will has chosen his overseas program and now wants to start organising his application. Before he does, it’s important to introduce him to two key players in his international study experience, his Monash Abroad Coordinator and his Faculty Exchange Advisor.

Scene 2 (0.20 – 1.39)

Fay: Your faculty exchange advisors sit within each faculty at Monash. They assist with all the academic aspects of your application. They’re the ones that will your study plan. You can go to them with questions like: How can I fit an exchange into my degree? When is the best time for me to do an exchange? What units can I take while I am overseas? Can I take compulsory units or just elective ones? Do I have to take units from both disciplines if I am doing a double degree?

Fay: You might have to meet with a course coordinator to discuss your course progression and how studying overseas will fit into your degree. Your Monash Abroad coordinator is your connection to the outside world. They will coordinate your application and work with your home campus. You can also talk to Monash Abroad about funding. If you want to meet with a coordinator consider attending an open advising session, where you can ask questions such as: Is it possible for me to attend Monash Sunway or Monash South Africa? What steps do I have to take to organize my exchange process? What funding is made available to me? And, why is exchange good for me?

Scene 3 (1.39 – 3.39)

Fay: Now there will be a step-by-step guide to completing your exchange application. First. let’s check whether Will has met all of the eligibility criteria.

Fay: Will, have you completed at least 48 credit points at the time of application? Remember that it’s 72 credit points for Law and Engineering students.

Will: Yeah, I’ve completed my 48 credit points and now I’m in my first semester of my second year of study, does that mean I can apply now?

Fay: Yes it does. Do you have an average of at least a 60% across your subjects?

Will: I have 60%, is that enough to apply to a competitive US uni?

Fay: In most cases 60% won’t be enough for a competitive institution. So remember, the higher your average, the better. Are you prepared to study full-time while you are overseas?

Will: Yeah, but can I take distance ed units?

Fay: No, we want you to have a cultured experience as well as an educational one.

Fay: After choosing your host university you need to start completing your study plan, which is part of your Monash Abroad application. You need to complete the study plan fully by searching the partner university’s handbook and finding units that are a best match. It will be difficult to find units that are exactly the same but do your best. Please don’t fill in a study plan for your second preference institution unless your faculty requires you to do so. Also, some students will be required to submit unit outlines for the units they are applying for.

Fay: Here are some tips for obtaining your unit outlines: Print out a detailed handbook entry from your partner institution’s handbook; contact your Monash Abroad Faculty to see if they have a copy of the outline on file; try googling the unit code to see if there is a syllabus online, and lastly you can contact your Monash Abroad Coordinator to see if they can obtain a copy from your partner institution. Submit your study plan to the faculty by the deadline and they will contact you when it has been approved. In the meantime, start organising the rest of your Monash Abroad Application.

Scene 4 (3.39 – 5.53)

Fay: Will, what else have you collected for your Monash Abroad application?

Will: I have my statement of purpose. I talked about how this exchange will benefit my studies and how I will be a good ambassador for Monash University. I have also attached my bank details with account number and BSB, so I can apply for my travel scholarship. I have also put in this embarrassing passport photo of myself and my passport information page as well as putting in an application for an OS-HELP loan.

Fay: Will, did you remember to make copies of your application? You will need your study plan and approved units when you enrol overseas.

Will: No I forgot. But you guys can make a copy for me, right?

Fay: No Will. Monash Abroad isn’t a copy centre. There are various locations on campus where you can make copies, such as the libraries.

Fay: Remember to turn in all applications by the deadline as there are no extensions. The deadline for Semester 1 is July 31 and the deadline for Semester 2 is January 31. The dates are different for students applying to Japan and the University of California. Please visit the Monash Abroad website to see details on all the deadlines, including the due date for the study plan. Students from Monash Sunway and Monash South Africa will hand in their applications to their coordinators on Campus who will send it to Monash Abroad.

Will: So now what? How long is the wait?

Fay: After you submit your application, your Monash Abroad coordinator will be in touch with you within a couple of weeks regarding nomination. In the event you are not nominated to your first preference, you will be given an opportunity to apply to a second institution. Your nomination email will include details on how to fill out the application for your host university.

Fay: Just bear in mind that the process can take a full 6 months as Monash Abroad relies on the partner processing your application. So if you’ve applied at the same time as a friend, don’t expect your timelines to be the same.

Fay: Remember, you are not fully accepted into the exchange program until you receive the acceptance from the host institution.