University of Antioquia

Faculty: All
Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Language of instruction: Spanish only
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 70

  • Semester One: February - April
  • Semester Two: August - October

Full time study load: Three Courses.

About the University of Antioquia

Founded in 1803, the University of Antioquia (UdeA) is the oldest departmental university in Colombia. Alongside the main campus located in Medellin, the UdeA has 11 regional campuses in Amalfi, Andes, Caucasia, Carmen de Viboral, Evigado, Puerto Berrio, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Segovia, Sonson, Turbo and Yarumal.

UdeA has a highly active YouTube channel, which allows both current and prospective students to explore cultural (music and art), sporting and academic fields across all campuses.  Universidad de Antioquia offers national and international communities more than seventy undergraduate programs and one-hundred and twenty graduate programs.

The specifics

The university has a vast array of sporting clubs, including judo, chess, Olympic weightlifting and underwater rugby, together with cultural events. More information on the UdeA exchange program can be found from their International Affairs office.

The University's estimate for cost of living for incoming exchange and international students will help students understand the cost of living in Colombia. Students should consult the DFAT website regarding visa information.