summer field in finland

Important visa information

If you plan to remain in Finland for more than three months you must obtain a residence permit from the Finnish Consulate-General in your home country before leaving for your exchange. Please be aware processing of your permit can take 8-10 weeks.

Aalto University School of Business

Faculties: Business and economics
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: Finnish and English
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 60
Semester dates:

  • First semester: mid September – mid December
  • Second semester: early January – late May

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester (usually 5 courses)

About Aalto University

In the metropolitan area of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, you'll find Aalto University – an international school that promotes the welfare of people and the environment through top quality research and education.

Established in 2010, the Aalto University is a new university with centuries of experience. The Aalto University was created from the merger of three Finnish universities: The Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and The University of Art and Design Helsinki.

The exchange is with the School of Business, which is one of Finland's top business schools. The Helsinki School of Economics (HSE became the School of Business in 2010) was among the first European business schools to receive EQUIS accreditation, and the first Nordic business schools to receive AACSB accreditation. The international MBA programme has been awarded AMBA accreditation by the Association of MBAs, UK. They're a member of CEMS (the Global Alliance in Management Education) and a member of PIM (Partnership in International Management), a global network of the world's leading business universities.

The School is recognized for its close ties with the business world and offers its students and faculty an open, international atmosphere for learning and personal development.

The specifics

As an incoming exchange student you can study a number of different programs through the School of Business. At the Mikkeli Business Campus it is possible to study International Business – take a look at the various study options (be sure to check the language of instruction box).

When it comes to specifics about courses, how to apply, FAQs and contacts, as well as the exchange student handbook and the school's presentation for new student – you'll find all of this by going to the School of Business page for incoming exchange students. Here you'll also find information about living in Finland (including details about residence permits, housing, medical services, getting news (TV, radio etc) in English and working while studying), studying Finnish, academic rules, services for students and contact details for the university.

Hanken School of Economics

Faculties: Business and Economics only
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 65
Semester dates:

  • Autumn Semester: late August – mid-December (Helsinki and Vaasa)
  • Spring semester: mid-January – mid-May (Helsinki only)

    Full time study load: 30 ECTS (4-5 courses)
  • About Hanken School of Economics

  • Hanken School of Economics, one of the oldest business schools in the Nordic countries, was established more than one hundred years ago. Today, Hanken is the only stand-alone business school in Finland. Hanken prides itself on providing an intimate environment where academic excellence, innovative teaching methods and corporate input meet. Its areas of strength include Economics, Finance, Management and Organisation, and Marketing. As a business school, Hanken has a solid foundation with international recognition reflected in international accreditations (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA), a sound financial basis, and valuable national and international networks. The university offers academic courses on all levels taught in both Swedish and English (about 40% of the courses on BSc level and approx. 60 % on MSc level are given in English) over five departments. The university has campuses at two locations, Helsinki and Vaasa.
  • The Specifics

  • The university provides an exchange student fact sheet with information on the university itself, contacts, orientation, courses, accommodation, student residence permits, health insurance, and estimated costs. All the courses open for exchange students are listed in a separate handbook: one for the Helsinki campus and one for the Vaasa campus. Click the course code, not the course name for detailed course information. Hanken has no on-campus accommodation, however student accommodation is available from the Foundations for student housing in the Helsinki region, HOAS and in the city of Vaasa, VOAS (see exchange student fact sheet for more information).

University of Helsinki

Faculties: All faculties excluding Art, Design & Architecture, Business & Economics and Engineering
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English, Finnish and Swedish
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 60
Semester dates:

  • Spring semester: January to May
  • Autumn semester: August to December

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester

About University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest university in Finland. It has repeatedly been ranked among world's top universities. Originally founded in 1640, UH moved to Helsinki in 1829. It is a bilingual university, with classes in both Swedish and Finnish. All faculties offer units in English and no knowledge of Finnish or Swedish is required.

The Specifics

University of Helsinki has 4 campuses in the city, all located within 10 kilometres from each other:

  • City Centre Campus for Arts and Social Sciences
  • Kumpula Science Campus
  • Meilahti Campus for Medicine
  • Viikki Campus for Life Sciences

UH is an excellent destination for students studying Law, IT, Science, Pharmacy or Arts, as they offer a wide a range of courses in English in these areas. The university also offers Finnish language programs and Finnish cultural studies for exchange students.

The Universities attractions include botanic gardens, museums and award-winning libraries. It is also home to 15 student nations - student organisations that provide extra-curricular activities for students. Along with the faculty-based organisations, the nations provide one of the main nodes of student social life.

UH offers student housing in apartments located throughout the city. Housing must be applied for via the HOAS website and students are not guaranteed a place. The university also provides additional information for finding private accommodation on their website.