New Caledonia

University of New Caledonia

Faculties: Arts only
Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Language of instruction: French
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 60
Semester dates:

  • Semester 1: February - July
  • Semester 2: July - November

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester

About the University of New Caledonia

Situated in the heart of the south-west Pacific region, New Caledonia is rich in terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Its native flora, dating from the time of Gondwanaland, is unique to the region. Its salt- water lagoon is surrounded by an amazing coral reef, awarded World Heritage Listing by UNESCO in 2008.The UNC is the hub of research and education in New Caledonia. As well as focusing on local economic, social and environmental issues, the university has ties with many universities in the surrounding region, as well as in France.

The UNC is in the unique position of being a French and European university dedicated to the development of New Caledonia and beyond the Pacific region. It guarantees a French presence in the domains of higher education and research and contributes to the promotion of French speaking in the region. Training at UNC adheres to the European LMD system, which guarantees the quality of teaching according to a standard shared by the majority of universities of Europe.

The Specifics

The university has one campus, located in the city of Noumea. You can find information about the campus and facilities here.

Students attending UNC will study in the department of Literature, Languages and Humanities. There are also French language classes available both over the summer break and during semester

On-campus housing at UNC is limited and exchange students are not guaranteed a place. Students can find information about applying here. Alternatively, off campus housing can be found by searching local classifieds, or getting in contact with the Maison de l'Étudiant. UNC offers complimentary shuttle services from the airport. Students must inform the university of the date and time of their arrival.

Students on exchange in New Caledonia will require a long-stay visa, information about applying is available here.

At the time of writing, the cost of living in Noumea is slightly higher than in Melbourne. The local currency is the CFP franc.

Credit requirements: New Caledonia follows the European university system. Students are required to undertake 30 ECTS per semester. The amount of credits associated with a course is reflective of the amount of contact hours it requires.

Language requirement: UNC requires students to speak French at the B2 level (CEFR). Students will be unable to attend UNC unless they have completed 4 semesters study in the language (or equivalent).

Academic calendar: New Caledonia follows a similar calendar to Australia and it can be found here (website in French).

Health insurance: All health insurance requirements will be covered by the Monash University complementary student travel insurance.