A bridge in Flam, Norway. Image by Travis Modisette.Important visa information

Monash students are strongly advised to apply for a Resident's Permit before leaving Australia as applying after arrival in Norway can involve long delays. Students are no longer required to deposit money for their living expenses in a Norwegian bank in order to obtain a permit, be sure to check out details at the Norwegian Embassy. Your Norwegian host university and Monash Abroad will assist you with the supporting documentation.

Insurance: While students who are Australian citizens and study in Norway for more than three months are covered by Norwegian national insurance, this provides no cover outside Norway and no emergency travel, cancellation or baggage cover. Check out general information about studying in Norway.

University of Bergen

Faculty: All
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English and Norwegian
Semester dates:

  • Autumn semester: mid August – late December
  • Spring semester: early January – mid June

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester (usually two to three courses)

About the University of Bergen

The University of Bergen (UiB) embraces the egalitarian values of the Scandinavian nations and encourages “an environment of freedom of speech and openness where men and women can engage in knowledge-based and critical reflection while contributing to the advancement of knowledge”. Additionally, the university turns its focus to research in climate change, marine studies, developing countries, geo biology and petroleum research. Have a browse through the campus and its many activities on the university’s Flickr page .

Bergen is both an urban centre and host to many natural wonders. Most of the urban area is located on or close to a fjord (long, narrow inlets with steep cliffs, which form a valley carved by glaciers) or bay, and it is surrounded several mountains, as part of the Seven Mountains range.

The specifics

Many of the classes at UiB are instructed in English, and range across most of the faculties. Exchange students are permitted in most classes offered by UiB, and for those who may be interested they also offer courses taught in other foreign languages, such as French, German, Italian and Spanish, and courses in Norwegian philology and literature, for those with a good command of Norwegian.

The student welfare association (SiB) assists students with accommodation options, which cater for both singles and couples. All exchange students are guaranteed housing. Otherwise, for those who would prefer to rent privately, BergenStudent is an online resource with plenty of information about housing and renting in Bergen.

Photo by Travis Modisette