Universidad ESAN Peru Universidad ESAN

Faculties: Business and Economics only
Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Language of instruction: Spanish and English
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 70 per cent 
Semester Dates:

  • First semester: March - July
  • Second semester: August - December

Full Time Study Load:

Exchange students usually take 21-24 credit points 5-6 courses per academic semester which means full time dedication to studies and attending in average 20-26 hours of classes per week. 1 (one) credit = 1 hour theory class per week or 2 hours lab/practice hour. Each theory hour implies 3 hours plus of preparation. Each practice/lab hour implies 2 hours plus of preparation.

About Universidad ESAN

Universidad ESAN, the leading academic institution in Peru, was founded in 1963 as a Graduate Business School, which aims at contributing to the development of Peru through the teaching of Economic Sciences and Management, and Engineering. Based on its prestige and contribution in the field of education, the Peruvian Congress passed a law in July 2003 transforming the former Graduate School of Business into a full university. As such, it has remained at the forefront of higher education in the country. It was the first academic institution to gain international accreditation and at present, it is recognized in international rankings as one of the most prestigious universities in Peru.

Over the forty years that ESAN has existed, its educational offer has diversified, both in content and geographical scope, since it became aware of the need to promote the decentralization of education in Peru. Currently, Universidad ESAN offers undergraduate programs divided in three departments: the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Engineering and the Department of Law.

All activities are supported by faculty and researchers holding Master's and Doctoral degrees. The university has a modern campus, high technological resources, and also maintains strategic alliances with academic institutions from all over the world. It has recognition from important institutions and international networks, and boasts 24,000 alumni from graduate and specialized programs.

The specifics

The primary language of instruction is Spanish. Some of the courses may be taught in English. To be registered you must demonstrate fluency in the Spanish (if you want to take courses in Spanish language) or English.

Exchange students are welcome to register for one or two academic semesters. You will be able to take advantage of one of the best school environments in Lima. The university is located in Surco, a modern and central residential area in Lima.

Universidad ESAN also provides you with the opportunity to learn about the richness of the Peruvian culture, center of the ancient civilization of the Incas, which is still present in their customs, rites and art. This can be appreciated in museums and in archaeological remains and places located in different cities of the coast, highlands and jungle.

It is worth mentioning that Peru has been able to achieve an excellent economic performance during the last few years, making Peru the country with the highest current economic growth in Latin America. In this regard, it is an ideal learning space for students interested in learning about the economic reality of Latin America and how to do business in the region. Universidad ESAN will not only provide students with formal knowledge in their interest field, but also with the tools needed to facilitate their integration into the global context.

Currently ESAN also undergraduate programs divided in three schools: the School of Economics and Management, the School of Engineering and the School of Law. Fields of specialization at the Bachelor level are: Management and Marketing, Management and Finance, Economics and International Business, Information Technology and Systems Engineering, Industrial and Commercial Engineering, Environmental Management Engineering, Organizational Psychology, Consumer Psychology and Corporate Law.

To access the Fact Sheet and Welcome Student Guide please go to the Resource Library on the Universidad ESAN website. Details of Programs and Curricula can be found on the undergraduate programs page.

Spanish Language Course

Universidad ESAN offers a Spanish language course free of charge, which allows you to advance your proficiency of the Spanish language. Courses are opened one week before the beginning of classes depending on the number of students interested. To be registered you must contact, and should take an online quiz one month prior the beginning of classes.


Universidad ESAN does not offer accommodation on campus but they offer a list of possible accommodations that you can choose depending on your preferences, including student residences, apartments, or houses shared with Peruvian families. Most of them are close to the University. Please find further information in the following link:

Junior Assistant Program

The International Student Office offers the "Junior Assistant Program" is designed to assist you to get organized in Lima and provide you with a personal orientation on accommodations, public services, transport, meals and recreational activities as well as organise some cultural and international activities. The “Amigo Anfitrion” Program will email exchange students before their arrival to initiate contact.

Important visa information

Once the application has been accepted, Universidad ESAN will send the official Admission Letters to international students. Each student should process their visa in their own country or place where they are living. If students do not meet the deadlines, Universidad ESAN will not be responsible of their visa procedure. ESAN does not recommend students entre Peru with a Tourist Visa. In the case that students decide to do so, Universidad ESAN will not be responsible for the administrative procedures to change the immigration status. Students would need to do it independently, considering that this is a hard process that will take approximately 3 to 4 months.