National University of Science and Technology (MISiS)

Status: OPEN
Faculties: Engineering
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English
Minimum grade requirement:
 WAM 65%
Semester dates:

  • Winter Semester: 1st September - 25th December
  • Spring Semester: 7th February - 30th June

Full time study load: 20 - 30 credits per semester (ranges from three to seven courses)
Other: This exchange is currently only available to engineering students. All Monash engineering students must have completed at least 72 credit points before they are eligible to apply.

About the National University of Science and Technology

Originating from a metallurgical research department, MISiS university is a partner university catered for engineering, science and technology students. MISiS is one of Russia's prominent centres for teaching and research and located minutes away from the restaurants, clubs and cafes in the vibrant city centre.

The specifics

Currently the partnership is only accepting engineering students, particularly those in their third or fourth year in Materials Engineering. Other engineering students that have interests in physics, electrodynamics, materials and mathematics are also encouraged to look at the available programs on offer. Engineering students may undertake coursework units or alternatively, if given permission by your faculty, a research project dependent on availability. For all information regarding available units please contact the Monash Abroad office.

The International Office for MISIS Admissions provides useful information about requirements for studying and residing in Russia. The student residence comprises four halls termed "the metallurgist Campus area" is located within walking distance from Belyaevo metro station which is only a few metro stops away from the campus.