Singapore skyline  taken just after sunset from the Flyer.Important visa information

All students must apply for a student's pass online before leaving your home country. You will only be able to lodge your online application after your host university has issued a formal offer of admission.

Special opportunity in Singapore

Students applying to the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University may be eligible to apply for the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Asian Exchange Scholarship.

Nanyang Technological University

Faculties: All
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English
Semester dates:

  • Fall semester: early August – early December
  • Spring semester: early January – early May

Full time study load: 20 AU per semester (usually four to five modules)

About the Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is based on a 200-hectare campus in the Yunnan Gardens, located to the east of the country, close to the Malay border and the Tengeh Reservoir. It has been ranked consistently within the world’s top 100 universities by QS Top University Rankings, and now holds 47th position. NTU has seen recent reforms to its teaching program, which include smaller class sizes and a growing emphasis on sustainability and the natural environment.

Singapore is a vibrant and bustling new city, with over five million inhabitants, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Singapore brings together a range of cultures and languages, as a result of its colonial past, and remains part of the Commonwealth today.

The specifics

All classes at NTU are taught in English and you can peruse through the courses available to international students in your respective faculty (mostly subject to availability and pre-requisite study). For all other specific questions regarding exchange, see the FAQs.

Accommodation for international undergraduate students is located within the on campus student halls, and both single and double rooms are available, while graduate students have both on and off campus options. For those who wish to find their own accommodation, the Housing Service at NTU runs the Housing Services and maintains an online Off Campus Accommodation System (OCAS).

With a student population that exceeds 33,000, the student life on campus is busy and varied, with a variety of activities for students outside of study, including sport, NTU Museum and Chinese Heritage Centre and the many clubs and societies on campus.

National University of Singapore

Faculties: All
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate (except MBA)
Language of instruction: EnglishSemester dates:

  • First semester: early August – early December
  • Second semester: early January – early May

Full time study load: 12 modular credits to 20 modular credits per semester

About the National University of Singapore

The oldest university in Singapore, the NUS was ranked 34th in the world by Times Higher Education 2011, and 25th by QS University Rankings, making it one of the most prestigious universities in Asia, and indeed the world. The university has focused on giving students the best and most attentive education possible, by adopting a tutorial and seminar system, and small class sizes, in contrast to mass lectures, which are the norm in most Asian countries.

Located just outside of central Singapore, NUS is on the doorstep of the world's fourth leading financial centre, and one of the five busiest ports in the world. Due to its densely populated city, cars are restricted and most people commute by bike or via the public transport system.

The specifics

There are many courses open to incoming exchange students, and all classes at NUS are taught in English. Please take note, however that many modules from the Business School and Department of Economics are often over-subscribed and therefore choices may be extremely limited.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) looks after student accommodation and the many student halls. Browse their FAQs for answers to questions regarding where you can live as an exchange student. Aside from sleeping and eating, there are also a bunch of student activities and associations that take place within the residence halls. Other points of interest include the Centre for the Arts and the NUS Museum.

Singapore Management University

Faculties: Accountancy, Business, Economics, Information Systems, Law, Social Sciences.
Level: Undergraduate only
Language of instruction: English
Minimum grade requirement: WAM 70
Semester dates:

  • Spring Term/ Term 2: January - April
  • Fall Term/ Term 1: August - December

Full time study load: Minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 credits. 1 credit course = 39 contact hours per semester.

About Singapore Management University

SMU is recognized around the world as offering some of the best finance programs in the world. The university summarizes its core values using the acronym CIRCLE, which stands for commitment, integrity, responsibility, collegiality, leadership, and excellence. SMU distinguishes itself from other universities in the region by giving students a holistic undergraduate education that involves an out-of-classroom values-based programme which aims to define, prepare, and inspire SMU students to be their best for others and themselves.

The Specifics

SMU provides an interactive and participative experience - one that is current, relevant and cutting-edge. Besides a top-class curriculum and an excellent faculty, SMU embraces a culture of versatility and creativity. Their state-of-the-art city campus, students enjoy world-class e-learning facilities and amenities.

With 20% international students and 12% exchange students, SMU boasts an extremely diverse student population.

Accommodation: Singapore has some strict laws regarding short-term rentals. Students can look at this page for more information.

Academic calendar: Current academic calendar can be found here.

Cost of Living: SMU estimates expenses as follows (all amounts in singapore dollars):

  • Accommodation: S$900 – S$1800
  • Food: S$300 – S$500
  • Public transport: S$100 – S$150
  • Books and stationary: S$30 – S$100
  • Miscellaneous fees (student card, health insurance etc.): S$250

Students should keep in mind that this is an outline only and will vary.

Health insurance: Students must purchase the health insurance recommended by SMU. Information can be found at this page.

Visa: Students will need to apply for a Student Pass prior to arriving in Singapore. Information can be found here.

Limitations: There are very limited courses available to exchange students for accountancy and psychology. Students wishing to study these courses will need to check with the university if there are any available.

Pre-requisites: The pre-requisites are listed in the online course catalogue. If students have done similar pre-requisites in their home university, they should check with the SMU course instructors if they will accept these pre-requisites.

Searching for units: To view the course catalogue and course descriptions for a specific semester, please visit: Undergraduate Student Information (