A clear day by the lake near Linkoping University, Sweden.Important visa information

Information for all students

All exchange students going to Sweden must obtain a Student Residence Permit from the Swedish Embassy in your capital city. Students of nationalities other than Australian should apply at least eight weeks in advance.

Information for Australian citizens

If you’re an Australian citizen you should apply at least four to six weeks before your departure. Students who are Australian citizens and study in Sweden for more than three months are covered by Swedish national medical insurance, however this provides no cover outside Sweden and no emergency travel, cancellation or baggage cover. This will be covered by the Monash Abroad travel insurance.

Be sure to read general information about studying in Sweden and the experiences of other students who have done exchanges in Sweden.

University status

Due to various uncontrollable circumstances, the exchange balances between Monash University and some of our partner universities have become uneven. In order to rectify this balance some institutions are not available for outgoing exchange in upcoming semesters. Monash Abroad is working continuously to reopen those that are currently closed. Please check the status of the partner university you are interested in applying to study with, as it may be:

  • CLOSED: Currently not open to Monash students until further notice. There is no guarantee when or if it will reopen therefore it is advised students select another partner university.
  • LIMITED: Currently open to Monash students, however very limited spaces are available i.e. one to two students per semester. Students with an average GPA of 75 per cent or higher are encouraged to apply but should consider researching a back-up university.
  • OPEN: Currently open to Monash students, and offering more than one to two spaces, however these may become limited depending upon the number of applicants. An OPEN status does not guarantee nomination.

Karolinska Institute

Faculties: Nursing, biomedical science, medicine (MBBS clinical placements) and psychology only
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English and Swedish
Minimum Grade requirement: WAM 70
Semester dates:

  • Autumn semester: late August – mid January
  • Spring semester: mid January – early June

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester
Other: Many courses are taught in intensive blocks and students often study one course at a time.

About the Karolinska Institute

Located in Solna just north of Stockholm, Karolinksa (KI) is one of Europe's largest and most prestigious medical universities. It was founded in 1810 as a training centre for army surgeons, and now accounts for over 40 per cent of the medical research conducted in the country, and is consistently ranked within the top 50 universities in the world (Times Higher Education 2010-13). Since 1901, a panel of fifty KI professors has overseen the award of the annual Nobel Prize.

The specifics

KI offers many courses in both English and Swedish, and these can be found by looking under your respective program type. Specific requirements may apply for some courses, research projects and clinical rotations, and as such you should get in contact with an international student coordinator for each course. Studies are expected to run for approximately 40 hours per week, full time. Additionally, students are offered a 12 week course in Swedish to help them settle into their Swedish experience.

For information about KI, Sweden, transport, accommodation and other useful resources, see the information brochure for visiting academics. Student housing is provided on campus, and most of them are within close proximity to the university. Other accommodation options include private rentals and student subletting.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Engineering and Science only
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English and Swedish
Minimum Grade requirement: WAM 75
Semester Dates:

  • Autumn semester: late August – mid December
  • Spring semester: mid January – late May

Full Time Study Load: 30 ECTS per semester
Other: Monash students must complete two years of their Monash course to be eligible and should apply if they have a 70 per cent weighted average mark or higher.

About KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH was founded in 1827 as Sweden's first polytechnic university and has since become one of Scandinavia's largest higher education institutions dedicated to the development and advancement of technology. KTH now accounts for a third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education at university level.

Located in downtown Stockholm, within the affluent Östermalm district, KTC stands amongst many embassies official buildings, museums and the Berwaldhallen Concert Hall, home of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

The specifics

Each year, KTH takes in some 1500 international exchange students, each contributing to the vibrant and diverse on campus cohort. For those wishing to study in English, KTH has an International Student Coordinator who oversees exchange students and their administrative requirements in each of the schools. These should be your contacts to organise your course load, as well as what courses are available in English. Also, see the Handbook for Exchange Students for all other practical information about KTH and Stockholm.

Student apartments at KTH are offered around the Stockholm area, and come furnished with a bed, desk and chair, as well as cooking facilities. See the list of apartment locations as well as advice on renting in Sweden. Private rentals are also an option for exchange students and these are managed through housing companies.

Lulea University of Technology

Faculties: All
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English and Swedish
Minimum Grade requirement: WAM 60
Semester dates:

  • Autumn term: early September – mid December (includes quarters one and two)
  • Spring term: mid January – early June (includes quarters three and four)

Full time study load: 30 HP points per semester (= 30 ECTS)

About Lulea University of Technology

Luleå is situated to Sweden’s north-west on a peninsula where Lule Bay meets the Gulf of Bothnia and is an important port for sea-based transportation across the county. Luleå is actually an archipelago, which contains over 700 islands that extend to Sweden's national border with Finland, and lies 100 km below the Arctic Circle.

Lulea University of Technology (LTU) has been a prestigious higher learning institution since its establishment in the early 1970s, and pioneers some of the geological science and environmental sustainability.

The Monash-Luleå collaboration started in December 1996 as a teacher exchange program financed by the Swedish Council for the Renewal of University Education between the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Luleå University of Technology and the ECSE Department, Faculty of Engineering, Monash University.

The specifics

Exchange Studies allows you to search through the course catalogue for classes taught in English. These are available to both exchange and Swedish students, allowing for a more open discussion and debate. They will also help you answer all your questions and give you practical advice to ease the transition into Swedish life.

As part of the Arrival and Orientation programs, you are also offered classes in the Swedish, and all exchange students are designated a Swedish buddy who has volunteered to show you around campus.

LTU guarantees housing for all exchange students on university exchange programmes, provided you have filled out your application materials on time. These are either in dorms or shared apartments, and come furnished (you will need to buy your own linen and pillows), and are located within 3km of the campus.

Lund University

Status: OPEN
Business and Economics and Law
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate (Law is postgrad only)
Language of instruction: English and Swedish
Minimum Grade requirement: WAM 70
Semester Dates:

  • Autumn semester: late August - mid January
  • Spring semester: mid January - early June

Full Time Study Load: 30 ECTS per semester
Other: Prerequisites per course must be met. For information on these, please see Course List.

About Lund University

Lund University, founded in 1666, is one of the largest, oldest and broadest universities in Scandinavia consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities. Lund University has an excellent academic reputation with a large number of visiting professors and international students.

More than 4 000 students and 400 researchers, teachers and other staff members study and work at the School. The totals for Lund University is around 46 000 students and some 6 000 employees.

Lund University School of Economics and Management is an EQUIS accredited member of EFMD since 2001, having met the high standards of the European Quality Improvement System - EQUIS. In addition, Lund University is a member of the prestigious research-intensive university networks Universitas 21 and the League of European Research Universities (LERU).

Lund University is situated in the attractive and expansive Øresund region. The University, science park, multicultural atmosphere and historical surroundings make up a unique combination where ideas are born.

Voted the best place to live in Sweden, Lund is a safe city with the healthiest, richest and youngest population in the country. The combination of old traditions and history together with the bustling student life makes Lund a great place to live and study.

The specifics

The School of Economics and Management is one of eight faculties within Lund University, and our activities cover education and research in business administration, business law, economic history, economics, informatics, and statistics, as well as research policy. The Law school provides a range of different courses.

A wide range of courses in English are offered to exchange students. The courses offered in English at the school open which are open to exchange students are found in the Course List. Students are required to study a full time load (30 ECTS) whilst on exchange.

Like in many other university cities, housing is always in great demand in Lund, especially at the beginning of each semester. The LU Accommodation provides a limited number of rooms for exchange students and will do their utmost to help you, but cannot guarantee a room for everyone. More information on housing.

University of Gothenburg

Faculties: Arts
Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Language of instruction: English
Minimum Grade requirement: WAM 70
Semester dates:

  • Autumn: late August – mid January
  • Spring: mid January – mid June

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester
Other: Undergraduate and postgraduate Arts students can study units in the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication

About the University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg (UG) is a city university, with the majority of its facilities and main administrative buildings within the Gothenburg city centre. As such, Gothenburg is a popular student city, and thrives on the wealth of cultural attractions, bars, cafes and restaurants that fill the city streets, as well as the annual Scandinavian Film Festival, the International Science Festival in Gothenburg, and the Gothenburg Book Fair. UG is one of Sweden’s largest universities with more than 38,000 students. They offer what they call a “reality-checked education” with an emphasis on relevant and practical learning.

The specifics

Many of UG’s courses are taught entirely in English, including many Master’s programs, and additionally courses in Swedish are offered to exchange students to give you a more holistic Swedish experience. You can apply for these online; however they will not count towards your credits.

The Welcome Week orientation program includes a guided bus tour of the city and will help you get to know the ins and outs of Gothenburg, as well as information about bank accounts, health care and the public transport system.

Exchange students can apply for housing directly through local student housing companies, SGS Studentbostäder and Chalmers Studentbostäder. Demand for student housing and can be high, so it is advised to apply early.

Uppsala University

Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Language of instruction: English and Swedish
Minimum Grade requirement: WAM 70
Semester dates:

  • Autumn semester: early September – mid January
  • Spring semester: mid-January – early June

Full time study load: 30 ECTS per semester
Other: Monash law students must complete 96 credit points of their Monash law course before they can commence studying law on exchange at Uppsala because only advanced level law units are available in English. This does not apply to any other disciplines at Uppsala. Students applying should have a 70 per cent weighted average mark or higher.

About Uppsala University

Uppsala (UU) is the oldest university in Sweden, founded in 1477, and has since been a point of historical significance in Swedish national culture, identity and for the Swedish establishment: in historiography, literature, politics, and music. Women were granted the right to study at Uppsala starting in the 1870s, and the first woman in Scandinavia to receive a PhD was the historian Ellen Fries, who received her degree at Uppsala in 1883.

Uppsala has a vibrant student culture, with five other higher learning institutions located within the city. UU sits in the heart of Uppsala city, on the west bank of the Fyris river, which also contains most of Uppsala’s historically significant buildings, such as Domkyrka, Scandinavia's largest church.

The specifics

The International Office is the main port of call for all exchange students administration, and some larger departments will have their own international offices. The International Student Guide is a brochure, published to give prospective international students an overview of their exchange program, courses offered in English, Swedish language courses and orientation program.

Accommodation in Uppsala, even without the demand from incoming students, can be difficult to find, however by contacting the Housing Office early and completing the application, they should be able to find suitable housing for your needs. It is also possible to sublet or rent privately for your time abroad, through the Student Union run companies, Studentboet.