Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Course Duration Date Location Contact and notes

Final Year Medicine Clinical Placements



  • You may be able to do one of your final year clinical rotations overseas
  • You may be eligible for an OS-HELP loan.
  • Kings College, Charite & National University of Singapore available for 2017 only.

Medicine Clinical Placements

Year 4C semester 1

Semester 1, 2018


Medicine Clinical Placements Year 2 semester 1 or full year Semester 1, 2017 Monash Malaysia
(Sunway, Segamat or Johor Bahru)

Honours Degree Bachelor of Medical Science - Fieldwork




Nursing Clinical Placements

(Year 3, 4)

(Year 2, 3)

Varied, approx. 4 - 6 weeks

Approx. 2 weeks

June - July and November – December

Oct - Nov


Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam

  • Selected students can attend Karolinska Institute & undertake one clinical rotation at Jonkoping Hospital in Sweden.
  • Selected students from year 2 and 3 can attend primary health care clinics (for unit credit) and also provide voluntary care.
Nutrition ScienceSemester 1 or 2Either years 2 or 3Varied
Public Health & Ethics short international program Eight weeks June - July Connecticut, USA
Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours)VariedVariedVaried
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)VariedVariedVaried

    Students are able to organise a Yr 4 overseas elective subject to discuss with the Director of Clinical Education (physiotherapy).

    Students are able to undertake an ACT1003 Volunteering non-credit point unit during year
    2- 4 subject to discussion with the Director of Clinical Education (physiotherapy).

    Previous opportunities have included an inter-professional ‘Collaborative HealthCare in Vietnam’ trip (4 weeks) with
    Physio, Nursing, OT and Paramedic students:
    Project may run again subject to funding.

(Year 3)

4th Year Honours

Six weeks

2 semesters

January – February

Spring - Autumn



  • You can do two units at The University of Bergen,
    Norway. Second year students to apply.

    You can undertake your research project at

    Karolinska, Sweden.
Biomedical science Varied Varied Varied
  • Monash Abroad cannot guarantee matching core unit acceptance for Biomedical Sciences students, therefore it is recommended that students have at least 4 electives available.
    • Please be aware that this may extend degrees by 12-18 months
Radiography & Medical Imaging3.5 weeksJulyScotland
Warrington – England
Gaboronoe – Botswana
Abu Dhabi - UAE

Social Work Placement

14 weeks