Global Research Projects

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student enrolled in research units at Monash, you may be eligible to undertake research towards your degree overseas. Global Independent Research is an experience which allows you to gain new skills and build your professional network through structured research abroad.

If you are a PhD student wishing to research overseas towards your degree, see Graduate Research.

How does it work?

Global Independent Research (GIR) involves enrolling in a research unit or experience overseas, under the supervision of a host academic at a Monash Exchange or Study Abroad partner institution.

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a research unit or completing research towards a hurdle requirement at Monash. If you are not enrolled in research for credit or as a hurdle requirement, you may be eligible to register your research activity as a co-curricular program.

The research experience can be initiated by you, by a Monash faculty member wishing to support your academic collaboration, or through a structured program, such as MURPA (more information below).

Endorsement from a Monash Supervisor, Program Manager, Exchange Coordinator or Faculty Administrator must be obtained prior to registering your experience with Monash Abroad

Where can I go and what can I learn?

By doing research abroad you have an opportunity to gain a range of discipline-specific and transferable skills that will benefit your academic studies and career. Where you go and what you learn will be determined by your research area, the skills and experience you wish to gain.

Opportunity for students from the Faculty of Information Technology

Monash Undergraduate Research Projects Abroad (MURPA)

Each year a select number of Monash IT students participate in MURPA, an 8-week international research project. MURPA is offered at a number of prestigious international universities, including the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the University of Warwick, UK, and is available to students of computer science, software engineering or a related area.

For more information on MURPA including eligibility and application details, follow the link here.

How much does it cost?

Host universities may charge administrative or registration fees to visiting students. In some cases, these fees can be waived under the terms of an existing agreement between Monash and that institution.


To apply, you should:

  • be enrolled in a Monash degree, and in a research unit or undertaking a hurdle requirement towards which your overseas experience will count;
  • obtain support or supervision from a Monash academic for the overseas research experience;
  • ensure the research activity takes place at a recognised university or institute outside of Australia (i.e. an accredited university or government approved research institute);
  • meet the requirements of the host institution/program provider to be a visiting researcher or student

Note: If you are choosing to enrol in research units as part of a Semester Exchange or Study Abroad program, there is no need to apply for Research Abroad.

How to apply