Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program

About the program

The Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program (UCWIP) gives Australian students the opportunity to intern with offices of the United States Congress in Washington DC. The internship is eight to nine weeks long and runs from early-January to early-March.

As a UCWIP intern you could have the rare opportunity to work in environments such as Republican and Democratic offices and the House and the Senate. During the program interns are typically encouraged to attend hearings and press conferences, go to briefings at the US Department of State and Australian Embassy and attend field trips to significant locations such as Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.

If you’re passionate about politics and government we’d love you to apply. Successful students will demonstrate sophisticated interpersonal skills, knowledge about Australian and US political systems, and resourcefulness.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • be an Australian citizen or dual citizen of Australia
  • be a student in the Monash University Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Law (at any Australian campus)
  • have completed 48 credit points at the time of application of their undergraduate degree (JD students must be at the elective stage of their degree at the time of the program commencement, which is usually after passing 72 credit points). Postgraduates must obtain permission from their faculty as to if they can apply for the program.
  • have achieved a minimum of 65 per cent weighted average mark at time of application.

Important dates



Late April

Teleconference information session (register to attend), Date & Venue TBC



Submit your completed UCWIP application form with any attachments to Monash Abroad by 4pm



Successful applicants notified



Finalise visa for entry into the US



UCWIP accommodation becomes available




Internship programs begin



Internship programs end

How to apply

Teleconference information session

A teleconference will be held with Eric Federing, the director of the UCWIP who is based in Washington DC, and former UCWIP interns. Attendance at this event is strongly recommended. It will not be recorded, so not attending this event may put you at a disadvantage. This will take place at the Clayton campus. Date & Time TBC.

To register for the teleconference, please email Katy Owens, providing with your Monash ID number, Monash email address and faculty.


It is best to start preparing your UCWIP application form (PDF, 0.07 MB) as soon as possible because your application will need to be approved by your faculty.

The most important element of the application is your statement of purpose. This is where the program director gets an idea of what kind of intern you will be. Please think critically about what you write.

Please read the UCWIP Primer to learn more about the program and the congressional offices that are available – you need to rank these offices in order of preference, and explain why each is of interest to you in your application. This element is essential as UCWIP works extremely hard to find the best match for interns and offices. Your starting points for research should be the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.


You need to submit two hardcopy applications to Monash Abroad (1st Floor, 21 Chancellors Walk, Clayton), both applications must be loose-leaf and not hard-bound in any way. You are also required to scan your entire application in colour to a single PDF file (strictly less than 5 MB) and send it to monash.abroad@monash.edu before the application deadline. Please rename your PDF file to UCWIP Application <your full name> <your student ID>.

Submit your complete application and PDF file to Monash Abroad by 1 June at 4pm (if 1 June falls on a weekend you must submit your application by the Friday prior at 4pm). Your application will be forwarded to the program director in Washington. There is NO extension of time allowed.

Your application will be screened by Monash staff, however the final decision is up to the program director of the UCWIP, not by Monash University. Monash Abroad forwarding your application to the program director in no way constitutes an offer or acceptance into the program. A decision will be made by mid- July.

Practical information


You must submit visa documentation by the deadline set by the program director in the US. Successful applicants are responsible for obtaining their own visas from the US Consulate for entry into the United States of America to participate in the internship. You will receive visa documentation and procedures from the program director and should not apply until then. This process should be commenced no later than September. Visa processing can take some time, so it’s important you submit this application early.


Accommodation is arranged by the UCWIP director. You will share furnished serviced apartments in a location convenient to the Capitol. This often includes sharing a room with another intern, so you should be prepared to be living in close quarters with other interns for the duration of the program. The accommodation is usually available in late-December, the dates will be confirmed by the program director.

Financial support

The program costs approximately A$15,000 (depending upon the USD/AUD exchange rate), excluding tuition and fees. This estimate, which should be used as a guide only, includes visa and flight costs, as well as general living costs for things like accommodation, commuting, food and entertainment.


You may be eligible for some funding to help you on your way to UCWIP:

  • Monash Abroad Scholarship: A$3000 for student commencing in January 2019. A$2500 for students commencing in January 2020.
  • Faculty Scholarship: A$500 – A$2500 (depending upon your managing Faculty)

To receive both the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship and funding from your Faculty you must complete an International Short-term Programs Application – either Monash Abroad or your Faculty will send this to you if you are admitted to the UCWIP program.

After acceptance

In order to receive the scholarships and to finalise your participation in the program, you must be enrolled in a WIL internship unit (Faculty of Business and Economics and Faculty of Arts students) or a research unit (Faculty of Law students only: LLB students - Research unit A or Research unit B; JD students - LAW7078 Graduate research paper).
It is a visa requirement that you receive credit towards your degree for this internship.

Contact us

If you need help completing your application, please speak with your faculty advisor, or contact us for more information.