Global Study Tours

What are Global Study Tours?

Global study tours are short coursework experiences that allow you to complete a Monash University unit intensively overseas. They may include multiple stops at multiple destinations, or be a more immersive experience at just one location. Study tours are usually 2-4 weeks in length and take place within semester breaks.

The best part about global study tours is that Monash does the hard work for you. Our faculties plan and run the programs so you don’t need to worry about your international units matching up with what’s offered at Monash – these units are designed with you in mind.

How do they work?

Global study tours allow you to study either a core or elective unit of your course immersively, in overseas locations as diverse as China, Fiji, France, Chile, the UK, Indonesia or Rwanda. Programs range in length but are typically 2-4 weeks, and are most often run during semester breaks.

As part of the program you’ll:

  • study one or more units overseas that fit into your Monash course as either a core or elective unit;
  • choose units from your “home” faculty or any other Monash faculty, provided  the unit offered overseas fits into your course, either as a core or elective unit;
  • continue paying your Monash tuition.

Where can I go and what can I learn?

Study tours and field trips are published each year in the Handbook. One of the most popular overseas program destinations is the Monash Prato Centre in Italy. But there are many other places around the world you can visit, such as in-country language courses in China.

How much will it cost?

You pay your normal Monash home campus tuition fees, and in some cases you may need to pay a program fee in addition. Program fees usually include accommodation, transport, entrance fees and some meals and can vary, depending on length and location of the program.

It’s likely you’ll be eligible for scholarships, grants and loans, as well as other funding opportunities to help cover program fees. Find out more about the financial side of faculty overseas programs.


To be eligible to apply you need to:

  • be currently enrolled in a Monash undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree
  • apply for a study tour or field trip unit for which you can receive academic recognition towards your degree
  • complete all application requirements for the overseas unit, as set out by your faculty.

Selection is undertaken by faculty, is usually based on merit and academic performance. Units are open to both domestic and international students.

How to apply