Global Summer and Winter Programs

Study for a short period overseas, in either the Monash summer (December-February) or winter (June-July) breaks. These experiences are usually worth between 6 and 12 credits, depending on the duration of the program.

How do they work?

There are three different participation modes for summer and winter schools. These modes determine how you are enrolled, and how costs and fees are paid. The mode of delivery may also impact how you apply.


You pay tuition fees to Monash. You will pay all other associated program and administration fees directly to the host. For the duration of your program, you will be enrolled in Exchange unit codes.

Study Abroad

You are responsible for paying all associated fees, generally directly to the host institution. For the duration of your program, you will be enrolled in Study Abroad unit codes.
For programs in Europe, the USA, and the UK, the tuition fees can often be quite expensive.

Monash in Malaysia

You will be responsible for paying your home campus tuition for any units you are enrolled in.
For the duration of your program you will be enrolled in the enrolling unit code.

Where can I go and what can I learn?

Only faculty and Monash Abroad approved summer and winter school options are available.
These will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Academic content: the program is substantial in duration, content and assessment in order to provide at least 6 credits at a similar level expected at Monash
  • Credit: each faculty has its own process for approving credit arrangements, so be sure to read the details pertaining to your faculty on our faculty contacts page. If your Faculty confirms your eligibility and credit arrangement, credit will be awarded on the provision of a transcript upon completion of the study.
  • Host institution/provider type: the program is provided by an institution that is either a Monash partner, an approved provider, an institution that is highly regarded in the host country context or an affiliate organisation
  • Dates: program dates fit within University breaks. Students are approved to return in week 2 of semester with special conditions (see the brochure pages on the Monash Abroad website for those conditions)
  • Destination: programs will not be offered in high-risk locations as designated by DFAT as Reconsider need to travel or Do not travel.

Featured programs

Current summer and winter school options supported by faculties:

Please also refer to the Monash Business School and Arts international program pages for additional opportunities for these faculties..

How much will it cost?

Program costs will vary depending on the duration, destination and host institution. Speak to Monash Abroad to clarify the arrangements in place for your preferred option.

* Please note, students should not book flights until after your application has been approved by your faculty and you are enrolled in your exchange or study abroad units.


Check that you meet the eligibility requirements for overseas study:

  • 60+ WAM at time of application
  • 24 credit points achieved at time of application and 48 credits achieved at time of departure
    Law undergraduate students need to have completed 48 credit points of law compulsory units and Law postgraduate students need to have completed 72 credit points of law compulsory units at the time of their Global Summer and Winter Programs application.
  • You may also be required to meet additional faculty and host/partner eligibility requirements


Application procedures vary, depending on whether the summer school is facilitated through a faculty, or whether it is offered as a direct exchange or study abroad program. Following is a general overview of the process. We suggest you meet with your Faculty or speak with Monash Abroad for specific application advice on your preferred program.