Your application

The process of your application to Monash Abroad will vary based on the study overseas program.

For detailed instructions on how to apply for an overseas program, please visit the Program Search and refer to the information listed on the program's brochure.

Once you have applied for a study overseas program, we advise checking your Monash email regularly, as this is how we will notify you of updates to your application.

Please note that you are only permitted to have one active semester-length application per period (i.e. you can't have both a Semester Exchange application and an Independent Study Abroad application for the same starting period), nor can you have an application for different application cycles with the same starting period (i.e. you can't have an application for Semester 2, 2023 and Sem 2, 2023 & Sem 1, 2024).

You are permitted to apply for a Global Intercampus Program concurrently with another semester-length application.