Entry requirements

Intercampus exchange

To be eligible to participate in an intercampus exchange program you must meet the following criteria:

Intercampus Eligibility Criteria
(Monash Australia students)

(incl. Hons)

(coursework only)

Minimum Monash WAM at time of applicationOf good academic standing*Of good academic standing*
Minimum credit points completed at time of application18 creditsAt faculty discretion
Full Faculty / study plan approval
Satisfy additional Faculty/Campus requirements (if applicable)#
Availability of 18 – 24 credits to study whilst overseas

*Good Academic Standing

To be classed as having a ‘good academic standing’, you must:

  • Be currently and actively enrolled in a Monash degree;
  • Not be subject to academic misconduct or any undischarged academic misconduct;
  • Not be subject to "Unsatisfactory Academic Progress"; or if you have completed less than 2 semesters at Monash, have not failed 50% or more of your enrolments at Monash (at time of application for the program)

You must have and maintain good academic standing at point of application and throughout the semester abroad process.

#Faculty/Campus Requirements for Monash Australia students

  • Bachelor of Engineering (single or double degree) students must have completed 48 credit points of Engineering units at time of application. Not all Engineering specialisations are available at Monash Malaysia. Please seek faculty advice.
  • Bachelor of Law double degree students must have completed 36 credits by time of program commencement. Law is not offered for semester-length exchange, however the Law Faculty runs the Monash Law Malaysia Program - find out more here.
  • Some faculties may not permit you to undertake overseas study in the final semester of your course. Check with your faculty before completing this application.

Other factors to consider

  • Due to immigration limitations in Malaysia, you are unable to extend your intercampus exchange from one semester to two. If you are considering a two-semester exchange, please indicate this at time of application. You can then subsequently withdraw and return to Australia after one semester if you wish.