There are many different scholarship, grant and loan options to help you experience your Global Intercampus Program sooner – and more cheaply.

Monash University Malaysia scholarships

Global Intercampus Program offer - Malaysia Package

Studying at the Monash Malaysia campus comes with an amazing package of benefits of up to $5000 to make your intercampus exchange cost effective and worry free. Find out more about the Malaysia Package including eligibility and how to apply here.

Malaysia Australia Colombo Plan Commemoration Scholarship (MACC)

The Malaysian Australian Alumni Council offers a number of scholarships to current undergraduate students to travel to Monash Malaysia for study. The Malaysia-Australia Colombo Plan Commemoration Scholarship (MACC) is awarded based on academic achievement, and students are automatically assessed for their eligibility upon acceptance to Monash Malaysia. More information can be found here.

Monash-wide scholarships and funding

Monash Abroad Travel Grant

The Monash Abroad Travel Grant could get you well on your way to experiencing study overseas. The packages support a range of overseas programs (like exchange, faculty overseas programs, internships and research), and could give you between $200 and $2500 to spend any way you like – they even include insurance. In 2019, Monash Australia students are automatically awarded the Monash Abroad Travel Grant upon being nominated to their partner university. Find out more about the grant here.

Other scholarships

It's possible to hold more than one scholarship, bursary or grant at a time, so checking out all of the funding opportunities available to you is a good idea.

You may be eligible for a Monash Travel Abroad Equity Bursary, and the Australian Government has a number of grants to encourage students to study overseas.

Find out more about other scholarships here.


Many students take out an OS-HELP loan to help fund their time away on exchange – it works just the same as a bank loan, but without any fees or interest, and is much more affordable.

Monash student financial aid also offers interest free loans, of up to $3000, with flexible repayment schedules.

Find out more about loans here.