Global Work Integrated Learning and Placements

What are placements and industry projects?

You may be required to complete a an industry project or placement (sometimes referred to as an ‘internship’) as part of your degree or certification requirements. Placements and industry projects are especially common in degrees such as Engineering, Medicine, Nursing and Health Science, Education and IT.

Placements and industry projects let you put into practice what you’ve learnt during your degree. When taken overseas these experiences deepen your academic perspective, and along the way open you up a world of networking opportunities that can enhance your employment and career prospects.

How do they work?


Placements are approved clinical or professional experiences taken overseas as a unit for credit, or as a ‘hurdle’ degree or certification requirement. Placements are offered in most degrees, with available units usually published in the Handbook or on faculty homepages. Placements vary in length and timing. They can be taken individually or as part of a group, and may sometimes involve the services of an approved third party provider.

Industry projects

Industry projects enable you to work with industry mentors to address an authentic problem, for credit or a ‘hurdle’ requirement.  Units which offer industry projects units are published in the Handbook, are available in most degrees and are usually administered by faculties.

Where can I go and what can I learn?

Placements and industry projects include opportunities in destinations as diverse as China, Cook Islands, Italy or Nepal. Usually these are pre-arranged through faculties, although sometimes you can determine your own experience. One of the most popular overseas program destinations is the Monash Prato Centre in Italy.

Global Work Integrated Learning and Placements by faculty

Opportunities for Global Work Integrated Learning and Placements will be added here as they become available.


To be eligible to apply you need to:

  • be currently enrolled in a Monash undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree
  • apply for a placement or industry project unit for which you can receive academic recognition towards your degree
  • complete all application requirements for the overseas unit, as set out by your faculty.