Study options

What can I study?

Monash Malaysia offers a wide selection of units for you to study. While unit syllabuses are similar across all Monash campuses, you will find that Monash Malaysia offers localised units providing a unique exchange experience here.

Popular localised units that are offered at Monash Malaysia include, Malaysian Studies, Contemporary Feminism in Asia, Media, Power and Reporting in Southeast Asia from the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Other interesting units include Environmental Science: A Southeast Asian Perspective offered at the School of Science as well as Leadership in Asia, Business in Asia and Islamic Marketing offered at the School of Business. For language enthusiasts, the Malay Language is a non-credit earning unit, ideal for those who wish to learn the local language during their exchange in Malaysia. Find out more about your study options at Monash University Malaysia.

Faculties available

While it may make more sense to study subjects in line with your majors and minors back home, you may be allowed to choose subjects from another Monash faculty/school – and Monash Malaysia has 7 of those to choose from:

Student handbooks and unit descriptions

By searching our handbook catalogue for units offered at Monash Malaysia, you'll find all the available units for the year at the Malaysia Campus. In each unit's handbook entry, you'll find:

  • unit code
  • faculty
  • credit points
  • study hours
  • semester(s) offered
  • any prerequisites
  • a description of what you'll study
  • assessment requirements.

Other study options

Monash Malaysia Summer Program

Monash Malaysia offers a Summer Program, much like a Faculty Overseas Program, through their School of Science and School of Information Technology. You don't need to be a student of these faculties to be considered - any student can apply. Click through to the Science or IT faculty website for their Summer Program offerings and how to apply. Contact Monash Abroad if you have any queries about the program.

Bachelor of Pharmacy students – Monash Australia and Monash Malaysia students

If you're studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy you can do a one-semester intercampus exchange between the Malaysian and Parkville campuses (Australian students only). You can only go in the second semester of second year or the first semester of third year.

Places are limited and you must have a credit average (60 per cent or above) across all completed units to be considered.