Other scholarships

While it's likely that you'll be getting some support through your Monash Abroad Travel Grant – it may not cover the full cost of your overseas program.

The good news is that it's possible to hold more than one scholarship, bursary or grant at a time – so it's a good idea to research all the different kinds of funding available to you.

Monash University Travel Funding

Monash wants to make sure that money is not a barrier to your participation in an overseas experience. We provide lots of information on funding opportunities available to students travelling overseas for study or placements.

For more information, please visit Travel and placement scholarships organised by Coursework Scholarships Unit.

Other External Funding

Walter Mangold Trust Fund scholarship

The Mangold Trust Study Abroad Scholarships are travel awards for advanced tertiary language students currently attending a university in Victoria who apply for an exchange or study abroad placement to continue their language studies overseas for at least one semester.

The scholarship funds contribute towards reasonable travel and living costs while the recipients are enrolled full-time at an approved overseas institution to study an accredited language and cultural program for one or two semesters (the minimum enrolment period is 12 weeks).
Advanced students of all modern languages are eligible to apply.

Email enquiries to: studyabroad@mangoldtrust.org.au

Due to the ongoing restrictions caused by COVID-19, applications for the Mangold Study Abroad Scholarship have been suspended until further notice.

The Hamer Scholarships Program

The Victorian Government has established the Hamer Scholarships Program to support language study at sponsored universities in China, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. Scholarships amounts are between $10,000 - $15,000.


While Centrelink don't actually offer grants, it is possible for you to continue receiving your Australian Youth Allowance payments while on exchange. You'll need to obtain a request letter from your faculty, but only have you have been fully accepted by your host institution and enrolled in your exchange units.

Exchange partner scholarships and grants

Many of our exchange partners and foreign government bodies offer scholarships and grants to encourage you to choose them as your study abroad destination.

The eligibility requirements, conditions and application details differ between each, so make sure you read the fine print.






The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship


  • No separate application required.
  • All exchange applicants for Copenhagen who apply for Semester 1 of each year will be considered.
  • Monash Abroad will decide on one applicant, who will be nominated for the Scholarship. The external committee will award the grant to 2 Australian students in total.
  • The scholarships are granted once per year.


Baudin Grants


  • Baudin grants are offered by the Embassy of France to encourage Australian nationals to study for a semester or year at a French university at masters level (year four or five of university studies)
  • the grant gives the successful applicant the status of "French government grant-holder"
  • you must present a study project for the first or second year of a master program in France
  • you should prove that your knowledge of French will enable you to participate fully in this program
  • when submitting your applications, you will have to show evidence of an acceptance by a French university, which can include acceptance by a Monash exchange partner
  • apply to the French Embassy of Australia.


English Language Teaching Assistants

Monthly stipend

  • the program is open to Australian nationals between 20 to 30 years of age
  • you can work from six to nine months as English language assistants in metropolitan France, in overseas departments or in New Caledonia
  • open to students who are competent in French but do not necessarily have teaching qualifications
  • some Monash students have combined an assistantship with an exchange at a French university
  • apply to the French Embassy of Australia.


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarships

Various funding, almost all at postgraduate level

  • DAAD funding is almost exclusively directed at postgraduate students completing full degrees in Germany, or conducting postgraduate research.
  • The only DAAD funding available for undergraduate students at the moment is a short program. Please consult Christian Gill, DAAD lecturer on christian.gill@monash.edu for further details.


Baden Wurttemberg Scholarships – University of Tuebingen and University of Heidelberg

Monthly stipend for four to ten months

  • students with an above-average academic record interested in study at the University of Tuebingen or University of Heidelberg
  • most courses require a good command of German, but several English programs are offered as well
  • scholarship applications are due in February and September
  • for more information visit this website.
Israel (Tel Aviv Univ)Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University ScholarshipUp to $2000
  • Application can be made by contacting the AFTAU office (Phone: 03 9292 2065 Email: aftau.vic@gmail.com ), or via the website www.aftau.asn.au


Japanese Government – JASSO and Monkasho Scholarships

80,000 Japanese Yen per month

  • students must be selected by the Japanese Studies Program
  • the scholarships are granted each semester
  • students must be selected by the Japanese Studies Program and nominated by Monash University to our exchange partners in Japan
  • our partners decide which students are awarded scholarships
  • if you are awarded JASSO or MEXT scholarships you will not eligible for a Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship.
MexicoMexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students TBD
  • Visit AMEXCID for more information about details, amounts and how to apply.

United Kingdom

The Study Abroad Programme Scholarships at University of Sheffield

£500 for one semester, £1000 for full year

Golden Key society scholarships