ESAN University

One of the leading academic institutions in Peru, Universidad ESAN was founded in 1963 by Stanford University as Latin America’s first Graduate School of Business, and later became a full university in 2003. It was the first academic institution in Peru to gain international accreditation.

Academic highlights

Currently, Universidad ESAN offers undergraduate programs divided in three departments: The Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Engineering and the Department of Law and Social Sciences


The university is located in Surco, a modern and central residential area in Lima.

Did you know?

Peru currently has the highest economic growth in Latin America, making ESAN an ideal learning space for students interested in learning about the economic reality of Latin America and how to do business in the region.

Language requirements

The primary language of instruction is Spanish. Some of the courses may be taught in English. To be registered you must demonstrate fluency in the Spanish (if you want to take courses in Spanish language) or English.

For the international MBA, all courses are taught in English.

More information on ESAN's undergraduate requirements can be found here and ESAN's postgraduate requirements can be found here.

Disciplines available

Disciplines available at ESAN will be updated as soon as possible

  • The listed disciplines are not necessarily exhaustive and other fields of study might also be available at the university.
  • Approval to study particular subjects at any institution is always at the discretion of the departmental/discipline and faculty advisers in your managing faculty(ies) and subject to available places at the host campus

See ESAN's unit catalogue here.

If you cannot find any unit guides after having done your own research, you can follow the process as outlined here.

4 ESAN credits are equivalent to 5.2 Monash credits.

Exchange students usually take 16-21 credit points or 4-5 courses per semester.

This means full time dedication to studies and attending on average 20-26 hours of classes per week.

Full time equivalents

  Semester Year
  Minimum 18 Monash Points Maximum 24 Monash points Minimum 36 Monash points Maximum 48 Monash points
Standard 13-17 ESAN credits17-21 ESAN credits--

*credit conversion are estimations, please use as a guide only.

Exchange program terms

ESAN Undergraduate semesters
ESAN First semester (Monash semester 1): March - July
ESAN Second semester (Monash semester 2): August – December

See ESAN's Undergraduate academic calendar here.

ESAN Postgraduate semesters
ESAN First semester (Monash semester 1): January - April
ESAN Second semester (Monash semester 1): April - July
ESAN Third semester (Monash semester 2): September – December


Universidad ESAN does not offer on-campus accommodation on campus but can help you find alternative accommodation ranging from private residences to homestays.

ESAN offers advice on accommodation here.


For study in Peru, a visa may be required. Universidad ESAN will send the official Admission Letter to you with instruction on how to apply. ESAN does not recommend students enter Peru with a Tourist Visa.

Monash Abroad can only provide general information - always check with the relevant Consulate/Embassy and consider advice that is right for you.

For more information on visas, please refer to the Embassy of Peru here

ESAN also provide some advice on visas, which can be found here.

Health and insurance

When travelling on a Monash Abroad approved program, you are automatically covered under the Monash University Student Travel Insurance policy.

Orientation and extra-curricular 

Universidad ESAN offers 10 free sessions in Spanish tuition for international students. Find out more here.


Tuition fees for this program are waived by the host institution. While on exchange you remain enrolled at Monash and continue to pay fees to Monash University. Find out more here.

Cost of living

One semester abroad will generally cost you approximately AUD$10,000 – $15,000, however this varies depending on destination and your individual living standards.

ESAN advise that you should budget for approximately US$800 to $1000 dollars per month, inclusive of accommodation. ESAN provides advice on cost of living here.

Monash funding

Find out about Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships here.

Find out about Monash University Travel and Placement Scholarships here.

Australian government funding

Find out about the Overseas Higher Education Loan Program (OS-HELP) here.

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ESAN School of Business

  • Program type: Semester exchange
  • Location:
    • Surco
  • Program periods: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Study level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

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