Zhejiang University

Often referred to as “the Cambridge of the East”, Zhejiang University (ZJU) was founded in 1897 as the Qiushi Academy and has since developed into one of China's leading science and technology institutions. Sometimes referred to as Zheda, it is a member of the C9 League, which comprises the top nine universities in mainland China.

Academic highlights

Research at ZJU spans 12 academic disciplines: agriculture, art, economics, education, engineering, history, law, literature, management, medicine, natural sciences and philosophy. In recent years, Zhejiang University has established a leading position in China in output indicators including publications, and patents, and has made important achievements in science, technology, humanities and social sciences.


ZJU has five campuses, all located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, about 180 km southwest of Shanghai near the eastern coast of China. All campuses are within walking distance of each other. Zheijang is a prosperous province with a rich cultural heritage seen in sites such as West Lake, Six-Harmony Pagoda and the Liangzhu Relics.

Did you know?

In 2006, ZHU was the recipient of a $40 million endowment from two billionaires including one who was an alumnus of the university. At the time, this was the largest donation received by a Chinese university, and enabled the establishment of the Zijingang campus.

Language requirements

Only a limited number of units are available in English. If you want to take units taught in Chinese in the fields of liberal arts and law, you must have Chinese language proficiency equivalent to grade 5 in the old version of HSK or score 210 in new HSK grade 4 or above. If you wish to take units in other programs in Chinese, you must have Chinese language proficiency equivalent to grade 4 in the old version of HSK or score 190 in new HSK grade 4 or above. You can find out more about the HSK Language Test here.

While ZJU only has a very limited number of English-taught undergraduate units, it now offers a number of Masters Degrees entirely taught in English. As an exchange student, you may also enrol in the semester-long Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Program.

Disciplines available



Banking and finance

Biological sciences

Biomedical sciences

Business law and taxation


Chinese languages & culture studies

Communications and media studies

Earth, atmosphere and environmental sciences



Engineering - chemical

Engineering - civil

Engineering - electrical and computer systems

Engineering - materials science

English as an international language

French languages & culture studies

German languages & culture studies


Information technology

Japanese languages & culture studies


Legal studies


Literary studies



Mathematical sciences


Physics and astronomy

Politics and international relations

Public health and preventive medicine



  • The listed disciplines are not necessarily exhaustive and other fields of study might also be available at the university.
  • Approval to study particular subjects at any institution is always at the discretion of the departmental/discipline and faculty advisers in your managing faculty(ies) and subject to available places at the host campus

See ZJU's undergraduate unit catalogue here.
See ZJU's postgraduate unit catalogue here.

See ZJU's Chinese language and culture course here.

For a list of English-taught units, please contact Monash Abroad.

1 credit at ZJU is equivalent to 16 teaching hours.

If you intend on studying a unit or units in another language that is to be credited towards your language major, there may be some flexibility on the credit conversion. Consult your Faculty Advisors if you are looking to study language units and have any questions regarding credits.

If you cannot find any unit guides after having done your own research, you can follow the process as outlined here.

Full time equivalents

  Semester Year
  Minimum 18 Monash Points Maximum 24 Monash points Minimum 36 Monash points Maximum 48 Monash points
Standard 15 credits 20 credits 30 credits 40 credits

Exchange program terms

Zhejiang ‘Spring’ semester (Monash Semester 1): late February to late June
Zhejiang ‘Autumn’ semester (Monash Semester 2): mid-September to mid-January

See Zhejiang's Academic Calendar here.


Accommodation is automatically reserved for all exchange students on or nearby campus.

ZJU offers advice on accommodation here.


As a general rule, if you are a non-Chinese citizen you will require a visa to study in China. If studying for more than 6 months this is usually the ‘X1 visa’; for 6 months or less this is usually the ‘X2 visa’. All applications must be submitted through a Chinese Visa Application Service Centre after you receive an official acceptance letter from the host university. You will then need to apply for a resident permit.

Monash Abroad can only provide general information - always check with the relevant consular/Embassy and consider advice that is right for you.

For more information on visas, please refer to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China here.

ZJU also provide some advice on visas, which can be found here.

Health and insurance

The Chinese Department of Education requires all foreign students in China to purchase Foreign Student comprehensive insurance. The host university will assist you with this.

When travelling on a Monash Abroad approved program, you are automatically covered under the Monash University Student Travel Insurance policy.

Orientation and extra-curricular 

Zhejiang University has many student groups.


Tuition fees for this program are waived by the host institution. While on exchange you remain enrolled at Monash and continue to pay fees to Monash University. Find out more here.

Cost of living

One semester abroad will generally cost you approximately AUD$10,000 – $15,000, however this varies depending on destination and your individual living standards.

You are advised to have at least RMB 2500 per month to cover living costs.

Monash funding

Find out about Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships here.

Find out about Monash University Travel and Placement Scholarships here.

Australian government funding

Find out about the Overseas Higher Education Loan Program (OS-HELP) here.

Asian Studies Scholarships

Find out about the New Colombo Plan Scholarship here.

Find out about the Cheung Kong Endeavour Grant here.

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Zhejiang University

  • Program type: Semester exchange
  • Location:
    • Hangzhou
  • Program periods: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Study level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

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