Curriculum and pedagogy

Your qualification will be a Master of Leadership in Curriculum and Pedagogy

How and what we teach and students learn lie at the heart of education. No matter what else we get right, we fail to educate if curriculum and pedagogy are not effective in inspiring, enabling and ensuring learning. Curriculum leadership is, therefore, a lynchpin in successful schooling. It is also critical for leading learning in adult and community settings and other informal education.

The focus of this specialisation is curriculum leadership and education transformation. You will acquire the capabilities to lead school communities to rethink and reform how and what is taught and learnt with indepth study available in four streams: digital learning, literacy, mathematics and science.

Designed for current and future education leaders who are faced with complex decisions in relation to curriculum innovation, the specialisation will enable you to develop your own knowledge base, acquiring a sound evidence basis for decisions. You will also develop processes and skills for leading the professional learning of others and to support their teaching.

A flexible course delivery allows you to continue working whilst completing the course. You can choose to engage via a fully online offering or to combine this with attendance at face-to-face workshops if you are able and interested.

Graduates of the course can pursue leadership roles in educational environments, business, or community.

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