General leadership studies

Your qualification will be a Master of Leadership

Monash understands that professionals are themselves often in the best position to decide the particular knowledge they need to acquire. This specialisation offers the opportunity to select your two specialist units from across the other specialisations.

You can tailor your unit choices to suit your own interests or needs while maintaining a strong focus on leadership. A museum director, for example, may choose a blend of organisational learning and science curriculum and pedagogy in anticipation of leading the museum's science outreach. A current or aspiring principal planning work in a rural community may find a Community learning unit an excellent substitute for one suggested for principals.

A flexible course delivery allows you to continue working whilst completing the course. You can choose to engage via a fully online offering or to combine this with attendance at face-to-face workshops if you are able and interested.

Our graduates work in leadership roles in a wide variety of organisations, from museums to the armed services, from schools to middle management in large companies.This specialisation also offers you the opportunity to graduate with the more generic award, even if you focus in one area: the choice is yours!

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