Primary education

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Education

If you are looking forward to expanding the horizons of children and developing their capabilities as engaged, curious and active learners, then this specialisation is for you. It will qualify you to teach children from five to 12 years of age in primary schools.

While an education degree specialising in Primary education provides a fine basis for your career as a teacher, you can choose to enhance your career options by studying it concurrently with a second degree in Arts, Business, Commerce, Computer science, Fine art, Information Technology, Music or Science.

Education studies include contemporary child development, psychology and the social and cultural context of education. This will provide you with the foundations for implementing effective primary teaching practice across all curriculum areas, as you study how children of primary school age think and learn, and how they can be effectively and creatively taught.

You will develop your discipline knowledge of English and literacies, mathematics, arts education, humanities and social education, science, health and physical education, and studies of the environment and sustainability, while also developing a rich repertoire of strategies for promoting children's learning and development, and for diagnosing and assessing their progress across these curriculum areas.

Students opting for the single degree course will complete additional discipline studies, developing a highly marketable strength in their choice of English and literacy, or in mathematics and numeracy, or in a language other than English (LOTE). For students opting for a double degree course, the second degree will replace this discipline study and some education electives.

In either case, at least 80 days of professional experience will provide you with hands-on teaching practice in primary schools, and you will be well prepared for a future as a leading teacher in a range of primary school settings.

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