Visual arts

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Visual Arts

Expand your understanding of cultural production and explore a wide range of visual arts practices with our multidisciplinary studio-based course.

Broaden your career options and complement your artistic practice with a double degree in Arts, Education, Business or Information Technology.

Year 1: Explore a variety of traditional and emerging production methods and study contemporary art practice. You’ll also have 12 hours each week to experiment in the studio.

Year 2: Develop on the foundational units covered in Year 1 with lectures, field trips, critical dialogue and class discussions. You’ll also explore your artistic interests through your Fine Art electives.

Year 3: Spend your final year of Visual Arts refining your practice. You’ll have generous studio time to work towards the graduating exhibition, MADA Now.

Year 4: With your Visual Arts degree completed, you’ll focus on completing your other chosen degree.

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