Early childhood and primary education

Your qualification will be a Master of Teaching in Early Childhood and Primary Education

If you are passionate about inspiring children to be engaged learners, but are open minded about the age group and education sector you teach in, this specialisation is for you. It will qualify you to teach infants and children from birth to 12 years of age in childcare, kindergartens, preschools and primary schools.

You will learn the fundamentals of early childhood education, how to support children's transition to school and their progress through the primary years.

You will gain an understanding of learning at the heart of teaching by examining the learning process and the aspects that influence it, while building a repertoire of strategies to manage children's learning. Drawing on contemporary theories, concepts and practices of early childhood and primary education you will gain an appreciation of the positive impact and power teaching can have on influencing children's learning and development.

You will learn to develop and foster relationships with families and communities and develop the required skills to create sustainable partnerships across networks. Throughout this specialisation you will examine the importance of literacy and numeracy in early childhood and primary education, and will study the key elements of the primary curriculum including English and literacies, mathematics, arts, humanities, science, technology, and health and physical education. You will also learn how to enhance learning through the creative integration of digital technologies within the classroom.

You will gain professional experience through 70 days of supervised teaching practice in early childhood and primary education settings.

Graduates of this course are prepared for leadership roles in both early childhood and primary educational settings.

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On-campus at Clayton: Full time