Applied econometrics

Your qualification will be a Master of Applied Econometrics

Applied econometrics provides you with coursework and research components, and will equip you with the required skills in econometric techniques and research experience to undertake major applied econometric projects. You will engage in a comprehensive curriculum across applied econometrics, time series analysis, financial econometrics, macro econometrics and micro econometrics, and develop skills to design and implement applied econometric projects for the government and business sectors. Equally this program may be used to prepare high performing students for a subsequent PhD program.

You must complete:

a. The following two units (18 points):
-ETF5320 Applied econometrics or ETC5341 Applied econometrics
-ETF5550 Research project (12 points)

b. Five of the following units (30 points):
-ETC5252 Probability and statistical inference for economics and business ETC5340 Principles of econometrics
-ETC5410 Bayesian time series econometrics
-ETC5420 Micro econometrics
-ETC5441 Applied econometrics 2
-ETF5200 Time series and panel data econometrics
-ETF5231 Business forecasting
-ETF5300 Applied

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