Primary education

Your qualification will be a Master of Teaching in Primary Education

Are you passionate about education, with a desire to engage and inspire young minds? If so, this specialisation is for you. You will be qualified to teach children aged five to 12 years in primary schools. You will watch your students develop and grow and see their lives transform through your supervision and guidance.

You will gain an understanding of learning at the heart of teaching by examining the learning process and the aspects that influence it. Drawing on contemporary theories, concepts and practices of primary education you will gain an appreciation of the positive impact and power teaching can have on influencing young people's learning and development.

Throughout this specialisation you will examine the importance of literacy and numeracy in primary education and will study the key elements of the primary curriculum including English and literacies, mathematics, arts, humanities, science, technology, and health and physical education.

You will develop competencies around the development, application and review of effective assessment strategies and will also learn and build a repertoire of positive effective classroom management approaches.

You will gain practical experience through 60 days of supervised teaching practice in primary schools.

This specialisation prepares students to become effective and proactive leaders and educators in primary education settings.

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On-campus at Peninsula: Full time &
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