Secondary education

Your qualification will be a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education

Music to maths, languages to science – this specialisation offers you an opportunity to build on your undergraduate expertise, study the subjects you’re especially passionate about, and share it all with curious young learners.

What you’ll be qualified for

Your qualification will be a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education. You’ll be able to teach adolescents from 12 to 18 years of age in secondary schools.

What you’ll be learning

Building on the content knowledge in your undergraduate degree, you’ll develop the skills, knowledge and professional values needed to inspire, nourish and build the capabilities of adolescents.

You’ll study the fundamentals of secondary education, exploring a range of teaching and learning strategies to engage students with a diversity of cognitive, social and emotional needs. You’ll also undertake specialist study in two subject areas, or one double teaching area.

With 60 days of supervised teaching practice in primary schools, you’ll get a chance to put theory into practice and get a real taste for what teaching looks like out in the field.

Your career options

This qualification sets you up to be a specialist teacher, capable of taking on diverse and leading roles in a range of secondary school settings.

At a glance

Specialisation Details

On-campus at Clayton: Full time &
part time