Secondary education

Your qualification will be a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education

Work-while-you-learn opportunity

If you are a domestic student with a mathematics, science, English or languages other than English background, you may be interested in our Master of Teaching in Secondary Education - Residency Program. This program includes a Professional Certificate of Education Support and allows students to work in partner schools as an Education Support Officer.

Places are limited. To be considered for this program you must submit a Round 1 or 2 application for either D60016 Master of Teaching in Secondary Education (2 year program) or D60017 Master of Teaching in Secondary Education Accelerated (1.5 year program). Round 2 applications close 19 November 2021.

During your undergraduate study, did you develop expertise in, and a passion for particular subject areas? Perhaps music, mathematics or languages. Would you like to share this knowledge and passion with adolescent learners? If so, this specialisation will prepare you to become a highly effective teacher in your discipline area(s).

Building on the content knowledge developed in your undergraduate degree, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and professional values required to become an effective educator as you qualify to teach adolescents from 12 to 18 years of age in secondary schools in two teaching areas or one double teaching area.

You will gain an understanding of learning at the heart of teaching by examining the learning process and the aspects that influence it. Drawing on contemporary theories, concepts and practices of secondary education you will gain an appreciation of the positive impact and power teaching can have on influencing young people's learning and development.

You will actively develop secondary teaching and learning strategies which address a diverse range of students' cognitive, social and emotional needs, and will build a repertoire of approaches to manage their learning within the classroom. You will learn to develop and foster relationships with families and communities and develop the skills to create sustainable partnerships across networks.

You will undertake specialist study which will provide the knowledge required to become a teacher in two subject areas (or one double teaching area) such as such as English, mathematics, the sciences, history, social education, languages, the arts, business, and health and physical education.

You will gain professional experience through 60 days of supervised teaching practice in secondary education settings.

This qualification will prepare you for a future as an expert specialist teacher capable of leading innovation in a range of secondary school settings.

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