Human rights

Your qualification will be a Bachelor of Global Studies

What are human rights? Are human rights culturally relative? How can human rights be justified? In this specialisation these complex notions will be brought to the fore in the contemporary contexts of global poverty, unequal access to medicine, refugees, terrorism, warfare, children's rights, humanitarian intervention, torture and surveillance. As a student of human rights you will acquire strong analytic abilities and communication skills, and will have expertise in areas that are of relevance to employers in a diverse range of professions, from non-government organisations (NGOs) to the public service.

Human rights offers diverse and challenging studies that are international and interdisciplinary in scope. You will examine the nature and legitimacy of human-rights claims and the role of human rights in the broader context of international affairs. Human rights theory will provide an important foundation for further studies in the areas of global governance and the ethics of global conflict, enabling you to delve deeply into such matters as poverty, democratic theory, and ecology and international justice. With a thorough understanding of the history, politics and philosophy of human rights, you will be equipped to critically analyse policy proposals that bear on human-rights issues. Through elective study you can engage at greater depth with the issues you find compelling and that align with your career aspirations. You will also have the opportunity to take your studies into the field, gaining invaluable experience in 'real-world' contexts. Human rights is an excellent complement to studies in law, criminology, journalism, international studies, politics, international relations, philosophy or history. Your skills and expertise may see you pursue a career in a diverse range of areas, including the non-government organisation (NGO) sector, international relations, the federal and state public service and their statutory authorities.

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