Leadership and Innovation in Health - PDM1001

Leadership and innovation in health

Professional development short course

Australia is not the only country that has a healthcare system struggling  to meet community needs and educate health professionals. It’s an important  global discussion, which has led to calls for healthcare reform – and one  we, as professionals, need to lead.

Monash University in collaboration with the Harvard Macy Institute will  deliver the fifth iteration of Leadership and Innovation in Health, a  five-day short course, right on your doorstep in Melbourne. In this unique  program on leadership, innovation, and sustainability in health, thought  leaders from Monash University, the Harvard Macy Institute, and  internationally, will share their expertise to provide you with innovative  ways to tackle global healthcare challenges.

As a scholar in Leadership and Innovation in Health, you will have access  to world leaders in this area. You'll participate in small and large group  discussions, interactive presentations, and panel discussions. Most  importantly, you will have the opportunity to apply your learning to a  project that you bring to the course, and start conversations about the  challenges of containing rising costs while still providing quality health  care.

By completing this course, you will join the Harvard Macy Institute /  Monash Institute for Health and Clinical Education global community of  practice.

This course can be completed as a short course or as a 12 credit point unit toward a Monash award degree.

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8am - 5pm


5 days


Clayton Campus


$6500 (incl GST) Early Bird Rate (ended 1 October 2019)
$5800 (incl GST)

What you can expect

You will work closely with local and international thought leaders to identify challenges and develop strategies to lead and manage innovation and change in healthcare reform through your individual project work, case studies, journal clubs and group discussions.
Examples of themes that will be covered are:

  • Healthcare system design and funding.
  • Health workforce planning and development.
  • Challenges to current healthcare delivery in Australasia and internationally.
  • Innovations in healthcare system and education planning.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify local and global issues which affect the sustainability of healthcare delivery and education.
  • Examine a range of different healthcare and health education models of delivery.
  • Apply design thinking processes to develop innovative ways to meet the healthcare needs of the community.
  • Articulate the rationale for researching these key areas of intensive research.
  • Apply an in-depth understanding of at least one relevant area of the current literature to educational practice.
  • Communicate a coherent summary of issues in a particular topical domain within the health professional education literature.
  • Synthesise the implications of empirical and theoretical literature underpinning health professional education practice.
  • Critique a range of perspectives within a particular topical domain within health professional education literature.
  • Apply theoretical and empirical literature to the development of educational innovations within their own health professional education context.

Application process

  1. Please provide your scholar details and short project proposal through our course application portal
  2. Within a week of your application, you will receive your application outcome
  3. Payment must be made within two weeks of your application approval