Board Ready - PDB1061

Board Ready

Professional development short course

Accelerate your pathway towards your ideal Board Director role. Board Directors play a critical role securing the long-term future of the organisations that they oversee. Increasing scrutiny of Boards and the expectations of Directors, mean it’s more important than ever for aspiring and relatively new Directors to have a strong understanding of their accountabilities, coupled with the right skills, behaviours and attributes to add value to effective governance. This program is designed to quickly prepare you for your ideal board role.

At a glance


Module 1: 24, 26, 31 May 3 June
Module 2: 25 August, 1 & 8 September




Individual modules $2,195 Two modules $3,300

Alumni discounted fees

Monash Alumni receive a 20% discount

What you'll learn

This Board Ready program will enhance your understanding of the core role of Boards, and the interpersonal dynamics that exist at the Board table, and equip you with the capability and toolkit for understanding questioning techniques to fulfill the Director role.

In this program you will:

Deepen your awareness of the key responsibilities of a Board Director of both for-profit and for-purpose organisations Gain knowledge and skills to evaluate the expertise, skills and knowledge required to excel as a Board Director Build your skills enabling you to identify board opportunities and participate in the selection process for Director roles in both for-profit and for-purpose organisations Create your own ongoing Director professional development plan Learning outcomes

This highly interactive and unique program is delivered through blended learning modules combining interactive live sessions, supported by online learning and materials. Modules one and two are designed to lift your skills and behaviours, with module 3 optional for those who are actively seeking out potential Director opportunities.

Module 1 – Director Duties

This module examines the core role of Boards and the responsibilities of a Board Director - the key governance and oversight requirements and the Board’s interaction with the Executive Team.

Module 2 – Effective Directors

This module examines and develops the skills and techniques to assist Board Directors to undertake these duties effectively. It also helps aspiring Directors to pursue Board opportunities that are aligned with their skills, capabilities and aspirations.

Who should attend?

Aspiring and Emerging Board Directors and New Board Directors of listed, private, public sector and not-for-profit companies and entities. Corporates with subsidiary Boards looking to offer Board positions to high-potential employees .