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Creative writing


Monash Arts is internationally recognised for producing innovative, engaging and high quality research, and our course gives you an opportunity to delve into cross-genre ideas supporting the challenges and needs of a contemporary writer in today's critical and literary global communities.

Supported and guided by at least two expert supervisors, our practice-based PhD program in Creative Writing will give you the practical experience and opportunity to develop your expertise as a researcher and the professional tools needed to undertake creative writing work for professional purposes.

This PhD program has three components: creating a written work, writing an accompanying critique, and extensive research. You will also undertake professional development designed to help you become a more effective researcher, and develop general professional skills valuable to prospective employers in academia, industry, government and the broader community.

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  • On-campus at Clayton: Full time & part time
  • Off-campus: Full time & part time
  • 4 years (full time)
  • 8 years (part time)
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Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Writing)
Course Handbook

"I'm researching narrative representations of climate change and how various storytelling media have functioned as a mode of climate change communication. I have no doubt that my time as a PhD candidate, surrounded by brilliant people, has helped me to refine my writing process."
- James Milner, PhD Literary and Cultural Studies, Winner of ABR Masterclass Series

Entry Requirements

You need to satisfy the following entrance requirements to be considered for entry to this course.

Minimum Entry Requirements (Domestic students)


All applicants must be able to demonstrate a capacity to carry out independent research and have adequate training and ability to pursue the proposed course of study.

See the Section 2.1 of the Graduate Research Handbooks for detailed information.

English requirements

Sound English language skills are required for academic programs at Monash University.

See the Section 2.2 of the Graduate Research Handbooks for detailed information.

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University Australia.

Your degree will consist of three components, supported by a minimum of two expert academic supervisors:

Research & thesis

You will undertake research that will inform both your practical work and your thesis.

Based on your research and the subsequent creative work, an accompanying critical component of more than 35,000 words must be completed that can take the form of either of these options or a combination of both:

  • a scholarly thesis which comments directly on the creative work in terms of its stylistic, theoretical and literary influences; and/or
  • an independent but complementary work of scholarly research on a topic relevant to the research objectives of the creative work.

Practical (creative work) component

You will create a body of creative work of not less than 35,000 words in the form of one or more of the following:

  • a novel;
  • a group of short stories;
  • a work of creative non-fiction;
  • a play or group of plays;
  • a sequence of poems (book length, approximately 100 pages); or
  • a portfolio of works of various genres.

The total word count of the two written components should not exceed 80,000 words.

Professional development

As well as the research and practical components, you will also complete a series of professional development activities relevant to your chosen research focus. These activities are designed to provide you with the skills needed to develop your professional skills to support you in your future career.

Visit the Faculty of Arts Graduate Research Website.

Making the application

Future students

Applications for this course can be accepted at anytime.

Applications for this course are submitted via the research degree and scholarship online application form.

Current Monash students

You may apply to transfer from another Monash course. Transfers are a competitive process. You may apply mid-year for available courses however consideration will be given as to whether you will be able to follow your course progression.

Please note that if you apply for a course transfer, you should still enrol in your current course as if you were continuing so as not to jeopardise your enrolment in the Faculty if your transfer application is unsuccessful. More about Course Transfer...

Self assess for credit eligibility

Check for study credit using the "Credit search" link on the Credit for prior study page


Research Training Program (RTP)

This course is supported by the Australian government's Research Training Program (RTP). Under the RTP, domestic students are awarded an RTP Fees Offset which exempts them from tuition fees for the normal duration of the course. This exemption is valid for up to four years for students enrolled in a doctoral program and up to two years for a research master's degree.


We offer over 360 types of scholarships, valued at up to $280,000. Some scholarships offer one-off payments while others continue for the length of your course. Learn more about Monash Scholarships.

Other costs and fees

For information on other study costs and fees, see other study costs.