Executive Presence for Senior Leaders - PDB1123

Signal gravitas. Amplify confidence. Harness neuro-performance.

From conference keynotes to board meetings, investor days to media interviews every exchange impacts your leadership reputation.

As an executive, commanding respect, showcasing knowledge and communicating with impact are essential to sustained success.

This immersive two-day program will decode the essential dimensions of executive presence and strengthen your ability to embody them.

Monash Business School’s Executive Presence program is designed especially for senior executive leaders seeking to develop their leadership capability. This can include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents or General Managers: leaders that reports to a board from the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors.

Drawing on insights from neuroscience, you will learn to expand your sphere of influence and amplify your impact as a member of the Executive Team. In this evidence-based program you will explore four primary dimensions that underpin executive presence.

You will also be better equipped to have meaningful coaching conversations to boost your team’s capacity.

67% of leaders identify gravitas as essential to executive presence .

Do you exhibit gravitas?

In our Executive Presence program we explore the four primary dimensions that underpin executive presence. You will learn how to reframe how you:

Think - using insights from neuroscience to rewire unhelpful mental patterns and cultivate inner congruence.

Act – to effectively signal gravitas and exert influence beyond that conferred through formal authority.

Speak – to use every verbal encounter to demonstrate confidence, clarity and empathy.

Look – to decode the visual cues that can strengthen or undermine your executive image.

Location - Monash Business School, Caulfield campus, Melbourne

This immersive program will decode the four essential dimensions of executive presence and strengthen your ability to embody them.


Align your mind and change your brain

Default habits of mind distort perceptions, create internal conflict and undermine performance. Neuroscience shows us that you can learn to rewire unhelpful mental patterns to significantly boost your confidence, resilience and reputation.

  • Rebalance the negative bias of the brain
  • Mindfully align your self-talk with your leadership goals
  • Replace ‘mental noise’ and depleting self-doubt with clear thinking

Learn proven strategies to cultivate inner congruence and techniques the help you to emanate a strong leadership presence.


Lead with gravitas and strengthen engagement

Motivate people and command the room. Stay poised under pressure and drive positive change. In the theatre of business, you need to impress as well as perform. 67% of leaders identify gravitas as essential to executive presence. In this program strengthen the crucial behaviours that signal gravitas and allow you to broadcast your knowledge and values.

  • Cultivate composure and self-management skills
  • Convey decisiveness and courage
  • Connect, empathise and harness your emotional intelligence

The key to gravitas is knowing how to effectively exert influence beyond that conferred through formal authority.


Consistently communicate with impact

Presentation skills are not confined to powerpoints or keynotes. Every verbal exchange in business shapes stakeholders’ impress of you. Elevate your communication skills so that each verbal encounter demonstrates your confidence, clarity and empathy.

  • Craft concise and memorable stories that resonate with your audience
  • Discard verbal habits that undermine your impact
  • Project authority and deliver your message persuasively

From asking questions, harnessing emotions and linking to values, learn the techniques that great communicators employ.


Refining your leadership persona

In business, how you look counts. When is comes to appearance, success is striking the balance between fitting in and standing out. Decode the visual cues that can strengthen or undermine your executive image.

  • Understand the visual signifiers that effect to your credibility
  • Balance the executive dress-code with your personal style
  • Signal your resilience and vitality

Map how you can optimise your professional image and align it with your leadership career goals.

Face-to-face modules

Two x 1-day interactive workshops to highlight key issues, challenges and to showcase best practice. Practice proven tools and apply skills in a supportive environment.

Individual executive coaching

Three x 30-minute phone coaching sessions to consolidate your executive presence.

You will receive personalised coaching to help convert key learnings and professional goals into positive, lasting behaviours.

Expand your network

A hallmark of the most successful business people is their vast and diverse networks. Broaden your connections and exchange insights with other executives from various sectors.

Sharon Longridge
Affiliate, Monash Business School
BA Communications, University of Newcastle

An award–winning broadcaster formerly with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sharon is passionate about building resilient, engaged and effective teams.

Her consultancy services include leadership communications, public speaking, executive presence, media spokesperson training and building focused, resilient teams. From harnessing the power of storytelling to designing comprehensive health and productivity programs, Sharon’s unique approach delivers lasting change for individuals and organisations.

Over the last fifteen years, she has helped thousands of media professionals and business executives in advanced communications and public speaking. Sharon helps them develop the skills and confidence needed to present themselves effectively in board meetings and investor briefings through to conference keynotes and tough media interviews. Sharon integrates the science of mindfulness and neuro-performance across her work.

In addition to a BA Communications degree and studies in Business Strategy and Corporate Wellness, Sharon holds the nationally recognised and accredited Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. She has worked with private, public and non-profit organisations including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Qantas, American Express, Settlement Services International and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Sharon co-directs the Your Leadership Voice: Women in Focus program with Professor Anne Lytle at Monash Business School.