General Practice Clinical Leadership Training - PDM1003

Our tailored program aims to provide Chinese GPs with an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Australian Health and Hospital System. Participants will be exposed to international best practice through an interactive program that includes clinical simulation training, site visits and clinical observations.

The program allows participants to compare the Chinese and Australian Health system and to contextualize best practice approaches back in their own clinical environments.

This is a tailored program, please contact MIHCE if you are interested in a similar program which can be tailored to your needs.

  • Gain a holistic understanding of the Australian Health System including Australian aged care, national health priorities, Medicare, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of Australian Hospital system through learning about funding sources, human resources, regulations and visits to local hospitals
  • Obtain an overview of the continuous professional development program for General Practitioners offered by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)
  • Update with the latest GP knowledge and room interviewing demonstration
  • Learn best practice clinical approaches through intensive observations at Australian local GP clinics
  • Develop an understanding of women’s health
  • Explore a range of skills and strategies used in GP settings (e.g. psychological skills, motivational and interviewing skills)
  • Develop an understanding of quality improvement practices in primary health care and research activities undertaken by GPs
  • Explore Doctor Self-care strategies and maintaining the mental health of medical professionals
  • Develop an understanding of Australian Higher Education System in terms of educational pathways for GPs and GP clinical supervisors
  • Build foundation for a sustainable and long-term partnership between Monash MNHS and your organisation to advance research collaboration and medical professional development
  • This course is provided by MIHCE & Department of General Practice