Harnessing the potential of cultural diversity in the workplace - PDA1026

A partnership between Monash University and the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute Summer School

Australian workplaces of the 21st century are rich in cultural diversity. Whether by virtue of Australia’s own diverse population or the globalised nature of many businesses and industries, every day we engage in interactions with our colleagues, customers and clients from which we have much to learn.

The program is presented jointly by the Monash Intercultural Lab and the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute. This partnership brings together the Scanlon Foundation’s long-established commitment to and deep understanding of the features of social cohesion and the research-based expertise of Monash University academics in intercultural communication, teamwork and leadership.

With presenters from the University’s faculty of Arts and Business School, as well as outstanding guest speakers from diverse business, professional and cultural backgrounds, this program boasts a unique combination of academic expertise and real-world experience. It will offer participants new ways of thinking, giving them practical tools to develop intercultural competence and realise the latent potential of cultural diversity in their workplaces and beyond.

Registration includes assessment of your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) through the CQPro® Assessment, the only academically-validated tool to measure your ability to work and relate across global cultures, used by individuals and organisations in over 160 countries around the world. You will receive a personalised feedback report and development plan, which will be debriefed and workshopped as part of the program.

Program sessions

This program comprises a combination of face to face sessions, live interactive Zoom sessions, and self-directed learning, reading, and reflection in preparation for or as follow up. For times and dates view the course schedule.




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Who should apply

This course is designed for management and executive level professionals:

  • with capacity to influence change in their workplace
  • who engage with culturally diverse customers, staff or clients
  • who are motivated to develop their own intercultural capabilities.

HR and D&I professionals with responsibility for people, culture and corporate diversity and inclusion strategies may also be particularly interested to attend. People from any profession or industry will benefit from this course, and we encourage applicants from across government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Hear from our course presenters

Course schedule

TOPIC 1 – Working with others to achieve better outcomes


Face to face session #1

Monash Conference Centre

Tuesday 3 August


  • Getting Started: Leading Diverse Teams
    • Setting goals, expectations and ground rules
    • Personal identity and team performance

Online unit 1



  • Follow-up from Face to Face Session #1
    • Reading, reflective activities, discussion forum


Lunchtime Zoom #1


Thursday 5 August


  • Understanding yourself and understanding other: leadership, behaviour styles and emotional intelligences
TOPIC 2 – Diversity in Australian workplaces: opportunities and challenges


Online unit 2



  • Required in preparation for Face to Face Session #2
    • Video, activity


Face to face session # 2

Monash Conference Centre

Tuesday 10 August


  • Understanding others: business skills and approaches nascent in the Australian population

An interactive session featuring high profile guest speakers from a range of cultural and industry backgrounds


Lunchtime Zoom #2


Thursday 12 August


  • Managing diversity in the workplace
    • Intercultural communication and intercultural conflict
    • Unconscious bias

Online unit 3



  • Follow-up from Lunchtime Zoom  #2
    • Reading, reflective activities, discussion forum
TOPIC 3 – Bringing it all together: a culturally intelligent approach to doing business


Online unit 4



  • Required preparation for Face to Face Session #3
    • Your individual CQ Development Plan
    • Discussion forum, reading

Face to face session #3

Monash Conference Centre

Tuesday 17 August


  • Cultural intelligence and intercultural competence
    • Debrief of CQ assessment report
  • Bringing it together: a culturally intelligent approach to getting things done in culturally diverse settings
    • Group work & presentations
  • Final reflections and future learning opportunities

Followed by drinks & canapes

Delivery mode

If possible, the face-to-face sessions in this course will go ahead as planned at the Monash Conference Centre. However, if the COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria do change, the course can proceed online with the dates scheduled.

Monash Program Coordinator

Associate Professor (Practice) Rebecca Forgasz

Director, Monash Intercultural Lab

Rebecca is Director of the Monash Intercultural Lab. Prior to taking up her appointment at Monash in 2019, Rebecca worked in the arts/cultural sector and local Jewish community for over 20 years, holding a range of curatorial, management and leadership positions. Most recently, she served as Director & CEO of the Jewish Museum of Australia. Over her career, Rebecca has developed extensive expertise in strategic planning, project management, grant writing, philanthropic relations and stakeholder engagement.

Monash presenters

Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet

Senior Lecturer, Monash Intercultural Lab

A passionate traveller, and an expert in intercultural training, Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet is currently the Monash Intercultural Lab Education Coordinator, and a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts. She started her career as a junior business consultant for French companies in China and was later recruited as an expert in education and posted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran and Vietnam. Nadine is a certified facilitator for Cultural Intelligence and Managing Unconscious Bias program (CQ® Certification).

Dr Martijn van der Kamp

Scholarly Teaching Fellow, Monash Business School

Martijn is a lecturer of Leadership in the MBA at Monash University, and the Team Science Fellow at the Australia-Indonesia Centre. Driven by the firm belief that only through collaboration can we face our biggest challenges, Martijn drives initiatives to stimulate cultures of active teamwork, specifically across countries and organizations. His work regularly features in the media, at international conferences, and has received awards from The Academy of Management, The American Psychological Association, and the International Association for Conflict Management.

Dr Gabriel Garcia Ochoa

Lecturer, Monash Intercultural Lab

Gabriel García Ochoa is Director of the Bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University. His research and teaching focus on developing  intercultural competence and managing unconscious biases, and how literature and language learning can be used to build stronger, more resilient communities. He is involved in a number of international projects with Cardiff University, the University of Warwick, and Cologne University.

Dr Zala Volcic

Senior Lecturer, School of Media, Film and Journalism

Zala works on issues to do with media, (digital) cultures, gender, diversity, and identities, with a focus on the European, Australian, and USA media contexts. She has researched and written on global media; European cinema, television, journalistic practices; on popular culture; on internet infrastructure and development; and gender and social media. She has taught at different universities around the world, including Franklin University (Switzerland), UQ (Australia), San Bernardino (USA), and Pomona College, (USA).

Associate Professor Rebecca Wickes

Director for the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre

Rebecca Wickes is the Director of the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre and an Associate Professor in theSchool of Social Sciences (SoSS), Monash University. Her research focuses on demographic changes in urban communities and their influence on social cohesion and the concentration of social problems. She is the lead investigator of the Australian Community Capacity Study (ACCS), a multi-million, multi-site, longitudinal study of urban neighbourhoods.

Professor Rita Wilson

Co-Director Migration Diversity Inclusion GRIP

Rita Wilson is Professor in Translation Studies in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts. Her research focuses on the complexities of cultural contact and investigates the relationship between language, place, mobility and the construction of cultural identities. She has published extensively on various aspects of identity and culture in migratory contexts, including cultural mediation, intercultural competence and transcultural creative practices.

Dr Lucas Santos

Lecturer, Monash Intercultural Lab

Lucas Santos is a lecturer and a researcher at the Monash Intercultural Lab. As an experienced language educator who taught English as an additional language for over 10 years, Dr Santos explores the intersections between language, culture and personal and professional development.

His research interests can be broadly grouped under three main topics: intercultural competence in professional learning and development; intercultural teaching and learning in higher education; and digital literacies and the co-construction of identities in social and political discourses.