Introduction to Paediatric Nutrition for Health Professionals - PDM1081

An online short course in the basics of paediatric nutrition, offered by Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University in conjunction with Monash Children's Hospital and Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane.


$550 (GST not incl.)

The course will consist of 6 topics offered over 6 weeks commencing April and October 2017, with additional time allowed to complete course work. It is expected that each topic should take 4 to 6 hours to complete. Participants can log on at any time over the topic week to complete learning activities.

This course is targeted at those with a basic understanding of nutrition who wish to extend skills such as dietitians who are working with children or other health professionals such as doctors, nurses and speech pathologists who are interested in paediatric nutrition.

Each topic will include some introductory information, specific resources, case study or quiz questions to test your understanding. The course will cover the following topics

Week 1: Nutrition Assessment of children: Learners will identify and use growth assessment tools, describe feeding skills and factors for consideration when assessing dietary intake of children

Week 2: Nutritional requirements of children: This topic will explain the basis of Nutrient Reference Values for children and the differences between children and adults as well as consideration of energy and protein requirements.

Week 3: Normal feeding Part 1:  In this section learners will explore the benefits of breastfeeding, interactions for successful breastfeeding and policies which promote and support breastfeeding. It will also describe the range of infant formula readily available and the regulatory processes associated with artificial feeding and look at considerations in the timing, progression and foods for the transition to solids.

Week 4: Normal feeding Part 2: This topic will cover eating patterns and influences on eating in the toddler, childhood and adolescent age groups and explore the differences in nutritional needs in these age groups.

Week 5: Under-nutrition: The effects of undernutrition in children will be explored including  the assessment and management of growth faltering in infancy and childhood.

Week 6: Over-nutrition: This section will consider the assessment of overnutrition in children and describe a range of management options for obesity in children and identify public health policies  targeted at prevention and reduction of childhood obesity
Learning materials have been developed by experienced paediatric dietitians with a focus on real life scenarios and experiences. A basic knowledge of nutrition is assumed however once registered some pre reading is available on the site to provide up to date guidelines and information relevant to this course.