Online Counselling: Concepts, Ethics and Skills - PDD1070

Online Counselling: Concepts, Ethics and Skills

Professional development short course

Online counselling is becoming increasingly popular given its accessibility, affordability, convenience and efficacy, and is particularly relevant given the current social restrictions. This program will provide a sound coverage of the various competences required to be an effective online counsellor, and will cover the ethical and practical issues involved in such practices.

At a glance


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Self-paced online learning - includes 6 modules of 1.5 hours each (total of 9 hours).




$354 (incl GST)

What you will learn

  • To identify and address the ethical and legal issues associated with online counselling
  • To identify and respond to professional and practical considerations when setting up professional practice online
  • The development of online counselling skills appropriate to various platforms including chat rooms, forums and video conferencing tools
  • How to utilise synchronous and asynchronous modes of counselling with children, groups, families and adults.


  • Module one: What is online counselling? The practicalities of setting up online counselling
  • Module two: Ethical and legal issues in online counselling
  • Module three: Video counselling
  • Module four: Text based counselling
  • Module five: Online counselling with children, groups and families
  • Module six: The way forward – supervision and employment opportunities


A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline such as counselling, social work or psychology is recommended.


There is no assessment associated with this program.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Faculty of Education, Monash University.

This course is provided by Faculty of Education Professional Development