SPSS without tears - PDM1044

This short course introduces data analysis using IBM SPSS. Participants will have opportunity to analyse real life medical data and supports for results discussion and conclusion.


$550 per day

Alumni discounted fees

$495 per day

Note: It will be conducted online in the event of COVID-19 restrictions

The short course will cover: data entering, data labelling, data cleaning, data computing / transforming, and data analysis (using commands on menus) including summary statistics, hypothesis test, 95% CI, ANOVA, non-parametric method, RR, OR, correlation, linear regression, logistic regression and Cox's regression.

All registrants must bring a laptop (Mac or Windows) to this course which has either SPSS or a trial version of SPSS installed.

Participants are required to have successfully completed the topics below either through previous study or attendance of the Biostatistics for Clinical and Public Health Research short course:

  • Key Concepts in Public Health and Clinical Studies
  • Statistical Methods for Analysing Continuous Data
  • Statistical Methods for Analysing Categorical Data
  • Sample size calculation