Supporting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Early Childhood Settings - PDD1047

There is an increased number of children with additional needs, in particular children with autism spectrum disorder, enrolled in early childhood education programs.

Focussing on children with ASD in Early Childhood settings, this course explores diagnostic features and strategies to enhance inclusion, engagement and the development of capabilities.

You will develop, extend and challenge your knowledge of how to support children with autism spectrum disorder.


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Topics Covered

  • Understand the diagnosis for ASD
  • Recognise the characteristics of ASD
  • Develop teaching strategies to address the needs of individuals with consideration to learning styles and interests
  • Develop strategies to positively address behavioural issues.
  • Transition Support
  • Working with Parents


There are no formal pre-requisites for this course, however, this course is most relevant for all educators, assistants and support staff working in early childhood settings


There is no assessment associated with this program.


This course is aligned with the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST): 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Faculty of Education, Monash University.