Working with Primary School Aged Students with Autism - PDD1003

This course is designed for education support staff working with primary school aged students with autism in a school setting. You will develop skills and strategies to fulfil your role based on a sound knowledge of the features of autism that impact on student learning.


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Topics covered

  • Definitions and characteristics of autism spectrum disorder
  • The impact of autism on families
  • The child with autism in the classroom
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Understanding and addressing behavioural difficulties associated with autism
  • Working to develop positive strategies
  • The behavioural intervention framework.


This course has no prerequisites; however, it is most relevant for people working with students with autism.


There is no assessment associated with this course. Minimum class attendance is required.


This course references the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST): 1, 3, 4 and 6.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Faculty of Education, Monash University.