Actuarial Studies - B6014

Actuarial Studies

Expert master degree

Develop advanced expertise in statistics, econometrics and mathematics with the industry-accredited Master of Actuarial Studies.

In the Master of Actuarial Studies you will develop your proficiency in advanced analytical and mathematical systems – and learn to apply your knowledge in the complex worlds of economics, econometrics, business modelling and finance.

The course covers specific areas of actuarial practice, and includes exemptions for Parts I and II of subjects of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. As part of the degree, you can choose a wide range of elective units, across the fields of econometrics, actuarial practice, economics, business modelling and finance, which will give you the flexibility to tailor the course to your personal interests and career goals.

The course gives you access to some of Australia's renowned actuarial educators and practising actuaries with extensive industry experience, to ensure your studies focus on current concepts and issues that are relevant to business today. You will also spend time growing as a business professional, enhancing your communication, leadership and judgement skills.

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Course Details

  • On-campus at Clayton: Full time & part time
  • 2 years (full time)
  • 4 years (part time)
Start date
First Semester (February)
Master of Actuarial Studies
Course Handbook

In the Master of Actuarial Studies you will acquire advanced expertise in statistics, econometrics, finance, economics and mathematics.

As well as developing essential mathematical skills, the course also focuses on developing your wider business awareness skills including, communication, critical thinking, actuarial judgement and professionalism.

Accreditation and professional recognition
You may also receive accreditation for Part I and Part II elements of the Actuaries Institute’s professional examinations and you will be prepared for careers in the business and financial sectors, with a specific focus on actuarial and mathematical modelling and forecasting roles.
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“Monash is fully accredited by the Actuarial Institute and with the actuarial science major; it's really easy to get a job in my home country and in Asia.” Erwin Wibowo (Actuarial Science)

Entry Requirements

You need to satisfy the following entrance requirements to be considered for entry to this course.

Minimum Entry Requirements (Domestic students)


Entry level 1:
96 points to complete
Duration: 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time

An Australian bachelor degree (or equivalent) with a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 65% or an equivalent GPA and must have passed an introductory statistics unit or equivalent and a 1st year Calculus or Algebra unit, or equivalent. Applicants will be ranked and selected based on their entire academic record.

Entry level 2: 72 points to complete
Duration: 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time

An Australian bachelor degree (or equivalent) and an Australian graduate certificate in a cognate discipline with a WAM of 65% in both qualifications or qualifications and experience approved by the faculty.

Entry level 3: 60 points to complete
Duration: 1.5year full-time, 3 years part-time

An Australian bachelor honours degree (or equivalent) in a cognate discipline with a WAM of 65% or qualifications and experience approved by the faculty.

Students should be aware that the granting of exemptions from particular subjects may affect their ability to complete the subjects required for the Actuaries Institute accreditation.

English requirements

Applicants must also meet the English language requirements.

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University Australia.

The course is structured in three parts: Part A. Advanced preparatory, Part B. Mastery knowledge and Part C. Application studies.

Making the application

Future students

Semester one (February)

Apply directly to Monash using course code B6014


Current Monash students

You may apply to transfer from another Monash course. Transfers are a competitive process. You may apply mid-year for available courses however consideration will be given as to whether you will be able to follow your course progression.

Please note that if you apply for a course transfer, you should still enrol in your current course as if you were continuing so as not to jeopardise your enrolment in the Faculty if your transfer application is unsuccessful. More about Course Transfer...

Self assess for credit eligibility

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Fees are subject to change annually.

Full fee

Fees are per 48 credit points which represents a standard full-time course load for a year.


Fee assistance

As a full fee-paying student, you may be eligible to apply for the optional FEE-HELP to assist you to pay all or part of your tuition fees.


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Other costs and fees

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