Assessment in Health Professions Educations - PDM1097

Education in the health professions involves extensive assessment of students or trainees. This online course is designed to help you develop or extend your knowledge about assessment and to provide you with frameworks to refine the implementation of assessment in your professional context.

In this course you will learn a systems approach to assessment in which your individual assessment practices will be located within the broader framework encompassing your learners, your course(s), your institution, your accrediting body, and the community in which you and your trainees practice (eg. patients and their families, multi-disciplinary teams within which you work).

You will explore the intimate relationship between assessment and learning, and the essentials of effective and quality assessment. You will learn the skills to develop assessment programs that align with the desired objectives and outcomes of your program.

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$2400 with assessment; $2090 without assessment (incl GST)

Alumni discounted fees

$2,160 with assessment; $1,881 (incl GST) without assessment

Who should attend

Assessment in Health Professions Education is designed for academic and clinical educators in the health professions who are involved in assessment of students and trainees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, encompassing speciality training across a range of health professions. Our course is relevant to all educators interested in the theory and practice of contemporary assessment processes within health professions.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the role of assessment in influencing student learning behaviour and learning process.
  • Identify and apply the principles of educational assessment in professional healthcare teaching.
  • Critique the range of assessment tools that can be used in the effective delivery of health professional education and select appropriately to assess a range of skills, knowledge and attitudinal characteristics in different contexts.
  • Describe and distinguish between the uses of formative and summative assessment procedures and the importance of feedback to both aspects

Accelerate your qualification

Eligible participants who complete the assessed version of this short course can receive 6 credit points towards the M4009 Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education.