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Australia in the world

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Australia's place in the world is changing rapidly; Australia in the world is an innovative minor that combines academic and experiential learning to fully explore this process.

This interdisciplinary program is the ideal way to get to grips with modern Australia and its regional and global relationships.

Your understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic complexities of modern Australia will be shaped by leading experts, while the opportunity for intensive field study overseas will provide an international context and enhance your role as a global citizen.

Whether you're most interested in indigenous Australia, the country's role in Asia, in its popular culture and national mythology, or its film and literature, Australia in the world offers you the flexibility to follow your passions.

Your studies start with Australians at war or Australia in a globalising world, providing a foundation for your preferred area of focus. You'll have the opportunity to probe key issues in Australian society, such as:

  • how Australia relates to Asia and the wider world during a time of globalisation
  • how Australia's wartime heritage shapes the nation today
  • how the popular cultures of sport and travel connect Australians to domestic and international economies and politics
  • how the natural environment has shaped what it means to be an Australian today

You'll have the option of international field studies on the World War One battlefields of Europe and Turkey, or first-hand examination of Australia's relationship to its Asian neighbours. We also have strong links in regional and remote Australia, which allows you to directly explore modern Australia's relationship to the land in fieldwork studies.

Alongside this in-depth understanding of modern Australia, you'll develop essential skills in research, critical thinking and the expression and presentation of complex ideas, laying the groundwork for a career in a diverse range of areas, including government, education and international trade.

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