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Literary studies

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If you love books and writing, or aspire to a career as an author, Literary studies at Monash will give you the foundations to prosper in the world of letters.

Offering three streams – Literatures in English, Creative Writing and International Literatures – this highly respected program will enhance your love of literature and your facility with language.

You'll study under leading literary critics, learn the craft of writing for specific genres from successful authors, gain a thorough grounding in current literary theory, and find clear pathways to employment and to postgraduate and further vocational study.

Literary studies will enable you to explore the rich canon of contemporary and historical literature from around the world, as well as texts of the digital age. You'll also practise writing your own literary works to a very high standard.

Your understanding of literature will provide you with insight into the narratives expressing the human condition. You will learn to research and write on a variety of challenging topics, to engage with ideas, and to communicate fluently and clearly, in both written and oral form.

Whichever stream you choose, you'll acquire fundamental skills in analysing literary texts, placing writing in its historical and cultural context and researching, structuring and expressing complex arguments.

In the Literatures in English stream you will read and study literature written in English, from its origins in Britain through to its vital role in contemporary culture in Australia, America, the UK and the post-colonial world.

The Creative Writing stream will provide you with practical training in different creative-writing styles.

In the International Literatures stream you will read and study works of literature from European, Latin American, African and Asian countries, and develop an international perspective on literary movements and works.

All three streams give you the opportunity to study at the Monash Prato Centre in Italy, where you can explore rich and diverse Italian literary traditions.

You'll leave Literary studies at Monash an expert at interpreting and critiquing the written word, with elite writing skills and a keen appreciation of intellectual history and the varieties of world literature. Doors to exciting careers in publishing, education, journalism and public relations will be open to you.

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