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International studies

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Our International studies program brings to life the issues and events that shape the world. You'll examine these issues from different cultural viewpoints, using theories and methods from many disciplines and taught by philosophers, historians, linguists, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists and geographers.

You will begin by looking at the global history of the twentieth century, and then move on to study the issues facing the world today. You can combine a general, international focus with specialised study in European or Asian Studies.

We also offer exciting opportunities to study at one of Monash's international locations, or with one of our prestigious partners, to enhance your knowledge and contextualise your studies.

As nations and economies become more integrated, and in order to live and to compete in the international marketplace of products, ideas and knowledge, it is important to understand the ideas and beliefs of our neighbours and trading partners.

In this major you will examine such diverse topics as the role of cities as drivers of change, migrant and refugee experiences, power and poverty, and tradition and popular culture. You will develop a solid understanding of European and Asian cultural studies and of networks of relations between Europe, Asia and Australia.

You can also choose units with a specific eye on Asia, including themes such as social institutions and power, the media in East Asia, the Vietnam War, Japanese history and culture, Asia's underside, and Australian–Asian relations. European-focused options include the study of European cultures, the idea of Europe, and governing the European Union.

We encourage you to enhance your intercultural competence though the study of an additional language, and complement this from a range of overseas electives, as part of one of our study tours, or at a Monash location in Italy, Malaysia and South Africa, or at a prestigious partner university.

You'll graduate equipped to work in a range of dynamic careers. Our graduates have gone on to work in areas as diverse as government and non-government organisations, media, commerce and development.

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