Behavioural studies

If you're eager to delve into questions of human action and motivation, Behavioural studies can give you a scientifically grounded understanding of what motivates individuals and societies to behave as they do.

Focusing primarily on social behaviour, you'll apply the methods of psychology, philosophy and history to develop insights into human actions, the role of social media, drug and alcohol abuse, terrorism, and many other fields of crucial contemporary concern.

Your study will begin with a comprehensive grounding in human and social behavioural studies, leading to you developing a critical command of the current thinking on individual behaviour and its social context.

In addition to the behavioural knowledge that the minor will provide, you can add interpersonal and communication skills, the know-how to design and run ethical research projects, highly developed critical reasoning and the ability to structure and express complex arguments.

Knowing what makes people tick can help you make a difference in many challenging real-world situations. You might apply your expertise to behavioural health interventions, to achieving the aims of social-inclusion programs, or to a rewarding career in advertising, public relations or marketing.

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MinorNote Caulfield, Clayton