Communications and media studies

Studying Communications and media studies at Monash will ensure you thrive in a world where change is driven by developments in communications technologies.

You'll examine the organisation, processes and effects of traditional and new communications technologies such as print, television, film, electronic and digital media, and the complex relationships between audiences, producers and policy-makers.

The program offers an international approach, examining communications in national and international contexts. It will prepare you to work across the public and private sectors, within a wide range of communications industries.

Your first year in Communications and media will set the foundations of your subsequent academic and professional life. You will be introduced to basic communications theory and current ideas about the organisation and effects of media technologies.

Later years will see you exploring new media, the relationship of communications technologies to the public sphere, and major contemporary debates in the field. You'll also have the option of devising your own research project on an issue of current significance to the media industries.

You'll enjoy a diverse and compelling range of electives, taught by experts in their fields, and covering all major current communications technologies and their social and cultural manifestations.

Aside from the more obvious careers in film, television, radio and print journalism, you'll lay the foundations for exciting jobs in new-media marketing, policy-making and regulation, public relations and more.

The tools that Communications and media studies equips you with – not only tailored knowledge, but broader skills in critical reasoning and the ability to structure and carry out in-depth research – are more valuable in the digital age than ever before.

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